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Chaz's Vault of Thoughts

The Genesis and The Exodus

This is the story of the genesis:

The first of my pages dedicated to myself was located on Angelfire at However, this site was weak, and I discontinued it. I then teamed up, and soloed on themes from Dragon Ball Z to Star Trek Armada Guilds. After my boredom with these pages that had a real purpose, I opened a AOL Hometown page just to "goof off." After plenty of struggles with AOL Hometown, I made another branch on Angelfire, and it grew. I eventually stopped updating it and declared it "postponed." I have now closed it, and all it bares is located on:

This is the story of the exodus:

The exodus occured shortly before the closing of the genesis. I moved all critical files, and observed problems that were located. I hypothesized on an easy, simple design to get around. You are viewing that now.