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Fox Info.


This is an archived site and since knowledge and science are always changing it may contain outdated information. Click here to visit my current fox website.

There are many kinds of foxes in the world. Here, I'll give you a little debreifing on the different kinds.

First, the most common of all foxes, the red fox. The red fox, as you know has many different varieties. It can also be called a cross fox, a black fox, and more. On this page, we'll discuss the red fox in his many different faces.

Next is the arctic fox. He is most commonly believed to be white, but actually is many different varieties of colors depending on region, season, and climate. Click here to learn more about him.

Also in the woodlands of North America is the gray fox. He is generally accepted as the only fox that can climb trees. Click here to stalk the gray fox. Virtually, of course.

** Threatened species! Learn about the island gray fox. This is an incredible fox that evolved into its own species and only lives in California. It just might be the most interesting and unusual fox. Unfortunately, they are dying at an incredible rate. Find out how you can help!

* Here's a little information about the bat-eared fox. Why they deserve more recognition than the beautiful little capefox I'll never know, but they're still cute... Click here to visit them.

The cute, adorable little cape fox! Finally have enough pictures and information to do a page on him. This page will be up soon!!!

Here are the desert foxes. It includes the cute little fennec fox and the kit fox.

Last but not least, we have the other foxes that I just couldn't find that much information about or pictures for, but didn't want to leave out. They include the culpeo fox, the amazing mountain fox (pictured here), the small-eared dog, and more. Click here to visit these neglected cuties.

*Pictures with *'s are from the site Thanks goes out to the site's owner!

**Photos from the Institute for Wildlife Studies and used with permission.