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          The way we live our lives and the way we interact with others reflects on the type of person we each are. People are complex and the differences between each of us is what makes us who we are. As we grow we borrow from others to be what we are. You and I are the product of that to which we have been exposed. I can think of many ways to show a person who "I" am but so many times what you see is what I want you to see. I believe that through poetry a person expresses their true self. There are links to poems and stories which I have written following the below poem  Some are happy, some are sad, some are of loves I have and loves I've lost, some reflect my upbringing and some my religion. All reflect who "I" am... I truly hope that you enjoy my poetry as I have enjoyed writing it... Randy


The Changing Tides


Walking upon the sand of the beaches in your life.

You leave marks embedded as you go.

A mark of your passing which may last forever,

Or quickly washed away with the changing tide.


Life is fickle and impressions made quick.

Judgments made in ignorance set our path,

A friendship which may have lasted a lifetime,

Is over looked because of vanity or prejudice.


A shame that we are influenced by petty things

Such as looks, speech, affluence or intelligence.

Never taking the time to truly know someone

Who they are and what they've accomplished.


Tis said to slow down and smell the roses,

But many times we cut them down to take.

Having them for the beauty they possess,

Not thinking of killing them in the process.


If you leave your mark on the beach,

Make sure it's one that stands against time,

A mark that can be viewed with pride,

Not one to be lost in the changing tides.


Randall Beers

© July 21st 1999

          This first section contains original poetry and stories that I've written to reflect emotions I've experienced throughout life and some are just poems and stories I have written. Much of it has been influenced by 20 years of being a police officer.

          My other website Angels In Blue contains numerous pages of information about Domestic Abuse which as a police officer I find to be a primary concern of mine. The poems surrounded by (*) denote domestic abuse poems.

Song In The Meadow

A Passing Moment

 Love Turned Away 

River Of Dreams

God Was Your Closest Friend


Stand Upon the Mountain


   Together Forever    


Song of the Dead

* Blue Angel Crying*

These Memories


Together My Dear

Worthy of Ye

The Voice in the Wind


Our Wedding

Daddy's Little Girl

Always Friends

Winter Sleep

Tear Drops

Was It Love


The World Before Him

*His Castle, Her Prison*

Crushing Hand

Into The Void

Old Photographs

Night Moods



Light In The Storm

The Hunter

*The Mask*

*Why Does He Treat Her So*



New Day Of Love

Forever Lost

The Day America Wept

Man's Man

Deer Season


Someone Else

Little Statue

The Kiss

My Earpiece

          This section contains  original poetry and stories about my families and my life and are based on actual experiences.

       Skeeter's Jalopy                   Gertrude           

The Driving Lesson

        A Simple Life        


  The Fence  

In Memory Of
McKaylei and Nanny

Oh Dad! Get Real

What's A Name

Farm Noises

Dad's Dogs

Nikki's Tonya

Career Choices

Memories of a Summer

Scandalous Behavior


          This section contains borrowed poems, stories, and other works that I have posted. Each have a special meaning to me or I found humorous. Some contain items and information about me or my family.

      Precious Friends      

         High Flight        

 Why God Made Little Boys 



Our Children

Man's Perspective on Cyber Sex

The Liquor Store Incident


          I invite you to come see my friends poetry site "Dabblez In Poetry" by Dave Sanders. Dave is the first Internet friend I made and one of his many pen names is Dabblez. I introduced him to my wife and we've all had many hours of Internet chat. After learning of my interest in poetry Dave shared his poetry with us. My wife wished to learn how to make web pages so with Dave's permission, we decided to put his poetry on the Internet. Click on his Logo below to visit the site.

          My wife, Louise, has a love for bears. She has decided that the theme of her homepage will be bears. She has many plans for this page and it is still in the first stages of construction. click on her logo below to visit her site.

          I wish to thank those who have helped shape me to the person I am. My Parents, who have now passed away, my wife and children, those I have loved, the rest of my family, my friends and enemies, and those whom I have met in passing. Life presents us with many opportunities to meet different people. I have met many wonderful people on the Internet who have come to be special to me. Though most I will never meet, they still have made a great impact in my life.

        An online group which I met is the Knights of Kindness. These are good people who believe that the world can be a better place. I joined the group because we have a common cause. I believe one of the most senseless acts a person can do is to hurt someone who loves and trusts them. I strive to help victims of domestic violence. I do this through my efforts to educate and also as an element of my employment. I am a police officer with the City of Little Rock, Arkansas. I encourage you to visit my other sites, Angels In Blue, which is dedicated to officers and other employees of the Little Rock Police Department and also is a tribute to fallen members of the department. Other AIB sites concern Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Custodial Kidnapping. These sites are designed to inform and educate. There are some very good pages which combine efforts of AIB and KOK such as a stalking preventive tutorial and Vivian's Law, there will be more information on this subject later. They can be accessed by clicking the Angels In Blue link below.

       Among many causes I am involved with, the most most recent is with the Knights of Kindness in their efforts to pass Vivian's Law. The Knights of Kindness and I ,as a member, are working to get a law passed in every state which will aid the custodial parents whose child has been kidnapped by the noncustodial parent and taken out of the country. California has recently passed such a law and now our efforts are being concentrated in Florida. We encourage everyone to contact Governor Jeb Bush by phone or fax at the phone numbers listed.

        I encourage you to visit the homepage of the Knights of Kindness, also listed below.

Thanks for visiting, please come again. Randy

© December 5th 1999

Last updated February 21 , 2002

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