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The Davis Family

I will be adding Davis Family information here - it will be disorganized at first.

Eliza Davis was born in Ohio and is buried in Fluty Cemetery, Baxter County, Arkansas, with (we think) at least two of her children. We have not learned who Eliza's husband is (born in Kentucky) - does anyone know?

Eliza appears to have had the following children whose vitals were reconstructed from census and other records:

Their places of birth would indicate that the family moved from Virginia to Missouri between 1865 and July 1869. Ozark County, MO, is where the connected Teverbaugh and Wells Families (many also buried in Fluty Cemetery) were also from.

On the 1870 census of Taylor Township, Greene Co, MO, Eliza and children appeared as follows:

By the 1880 census they had removed to Bayou, Ozark Co, MO, and appeared as follows: Living in an adjoining county in Arkansas was the family of John W Wells and Eugenia Davis Wells. They lived in Bayou Township, Baxter County, Arkansas, and are both buried in the Fluty Cemetery with two of their children.

1900 census Bayou Twp, Baxter Co, AR


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