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The Mathew Brown Family of Ohio and Arkansas

I will be adding Brown Family information here - it will be disorganized at first.

Mathew Brown was born March 12, 1818 in Ohio and died in 1876 in Fulton County, Arkansas. He is buried in the Fluty Cemetery. He married Hannah Okey who was born ___to Woodman and ___Okey. Both were natives of Monroe County, Ohio, where Hannah's family had lived for several generations.

Mathew and his son, Edward, both fought for the Union in the Civil War with Ohio units. One of Mathew's units was Company F of the Ohio Volunteer where he obtained the rank of Captain. Both Mathew and Edward were involved with the Masonic Lodge in Baxter County, Arkansas, and possibly before leaving Ohio.

They remainder in Monroe County, Ohio, until 1866. At that time, they moved to southwest Polk County, Missouri and in 1869 came to Fulton County, Arkansas, and bought a farm for $2,000.00 in what is now called Vidette, Arkansas. This farm was sold to his son, Stephen, three years later and he bought a different farm on the Big North Fork on the White River in Baxter County, Arkansas (it was where Mountain Home now stands). Nine children were born to this couple with eight living to adulthood.

  • Stephen A. Brown married
  • Edward Brown married Margaret Clagge (both buried Fluty)
  • Catherine Brown married ? Hughes and Theodore Whitaker (both buried fluty)
  • Asa R. Brown married
  • Nancy Brown married
  • Mary A. Brown married Huston J Thompson (both buried Fluty)
  • Jennie D. Brown married
  • Josephine Brown married

    1870 Census of Bennett's Bayou - Fulton County, AR

  • Mathew Brown age 53 born OH farmer
  • Hannah Brown age 52 born OH housekeeping
  • Stephen A Brown age 30 born OH school teacher
  • Asa Brown age 21 born OH farmer
  • Nancy Brown age x born OH
  • Mary A. Brown age x born OH
  • Harriet Brown age 11 born OH
  • Josephine Brown age 8 born OH (this family enumerated #17)

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