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CEMETERIES:  A lot of people think of cemeteries as a gruesome place,  but there is no need to view them with that type of attitude, after all, they are made up of people that have lived their entire lives and now they are here. (at least their bodies are here).  But think about it for a moment as you stand at someone's grave (it doesn't matter if you knew them or not), but as you stand there -think and realize that here lies someone that has lived their life just as I am living mine now.  And wonder what all they did in their lives, what made up their day-by-day existence, who were the people they had contact with, or where did they live, how did they die?  And you can see that a cemetery is actually like a town or a city made up of many different individuals like yourself that has lived their entire lives doing every day things just like you.   And here they are and so someday you will be also.
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Lee County

     This has got to be one of my very favorites.  It is located in downtown Marianna, Arkansas right behind the Lee County Court House.  And it contains more than 1000 people buried there.  Most of the graves have markers of some kind, but there are many that are still unmarked and it is so sad that anyone that has lived their life with all of their experiences ends up in an unmarked grave.  But it happens, not just here but in cemeteries every where there are unmarked graves.  But that is one of the reasons for this web page on CEDAR HEIGHTS is to try to record what I can about the Cemetery and the people that are citizens there.

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