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Three Rivers Chess Club

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Welcome to the Three Rivers Chess Club Web Site!

The Three Rivers Chess Club meets 1st, 3rd and sometimes the 5th  Mondays at 6 p.m. at the The Bookery located in the Main St. Mini Mall Hwy. 69, across from the Red Mule in Melbourne.

John Purtle..870-368-3344     Stephen Paulson...870-368-4387  d4d5c4@yahoo.comddd

Bill Beck..793-3420         Stan Carter..870-793-8840 scarter@uaex.eduscarter@uaex



The Arkansas Activities Association (the association that regulates school activities) has recently recognized chess as an approved activity similar to band and choir.  There are over 80 schools registered with the state organization that is coordinating team competition for a state interscholatic championship.  For more information, call Paul Hill, ACSA Executive Director: 501-882-3296 Extension 22.   



Rating floors exist at 100, 1400, 1500, 1600, etc, up to 2100. A player's rating floor is calculated by subtracting 200 points from the highest attained established rating, and then using the floor just below. For example, if a player's highest rating was 1941, then subtracting 200 yields 1741, and the floor just below is 1700. Thus the player's rating cannot go below 1700. If a player's highest rating was 1588, then subtracting 200 yields 1388, and the next lowest floor is 100, which is this player's floor. No player's rating can drop below 100.