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Sonya's Genealogy Page

My Surname List

Hi, Welcome to my genealogy page. In addition the surnames listed above, I'm also researching My Martin Page BASQUET, BARNES, VICK, KINSALL and BENNETT.

My family research began with hunting for information on the SKIMAHORN surname. SKIMAHORN has been spelled differently over the years, SKIMIEHORN, SKIMMERHORN, SKIMMIEHORN and many others. I believe that Elija SKIMMIEHORN moved from TN to IL sometime before 1869. He married Elizabeth "Jane" BEASLEY in that year and in 1870, she gave birth to their son, General Jackson SKIMAHORN in Gallatin County, IL.

General Jack married in White County IL to Mrs. Susan "Alice" GRAY GRISSOM in 1896 in J. R. BENNETT'S home. Thomas R. Bennett was Jane SKIMAHORN'S husband at this time. There is a marriage between a Mrs. Elizabeth SKIMEHON to Thomas R. BENNETT on June 29, 1883 in Gallatin County, IL. I am still searching as to what happened to Elija.

Something happened to Alice Skimahorn too apparently, because General Jack remarried in New Madrid County, MO to Mary L. LACY. Her guardian, C. M. REED signed her marriag license, granting her permission to marry, since she was underage. They started their family in Stoddard County, MO but moved to New Madrid County, (Parma and Morehouse) and then later moved to North East AR. In the 1900 MO census of Stoddard County they had a servant living with them named Charley Woods who was 11.

Louie Tom SKIMAHORN married Vicy Amanda COLLINS (from Howell County, MO) in Lawrence County, AR on 1-27-1934. They farmed in Lawrence County, close to O'Kean, AR. Vicy was the daughter of John Obediah and Rhoda Alice (Bird) COLLINS from Howell County, MO.