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William and Angelica Smith Pyeatt

William Pyeatt was born in 1813/1814 in Missouri to John and ? Pyeatt/Piatt. He died sometime between the 1870 census and 1876 when his wife Angelica was granted a land patent in Stone County, Missouri, as "widow of William Pyeatt". Angelica was born in Missouri in 1818 to George Washington and Mary Fulkerson Smith. Her sister Permelia was married to William's brother, Frederick, and her brother, Hiram Smith, was married to William's sister, Nancy Pyeatt.

William and Angelica were married in St. Louis County, Missouri, September 13, 1838. They still lived in Jefferson County, Missouri, in 1845 when they sold William's share of his father's estate in Jefferson County.

They had the following children known to us:

City of St Louis deed book B4 pg 208 (abstracted from microfilm at the archive office of the St. Louis City Courthouse. Dec 2001) St Louis County, Missouri...7th Oct 1845...William Smith of Boon Co and Andrew Kelso and Isaphena, his wife, and Willis Biddick and Lucinda, his wife, and Frederick Pyeatt and Pamela, his wife, of county of St Genevieve and William Pyeatt and Angeleka, his wife, of St. Louis and Samuel Byrn of Jefferson Co...$50.00 to each as heirs of George and Mary Smith deceased...SW 1/4 of section N 7 Twp 43 N of Range 4 E....150 acres...(signed) William Smith; Andrew Kelso; Isaphena (her mark) Kelso; Willis Bittick; Lucinda Bittick; William Pyeatt; Angeleka (her mark) Pyeatt; Frederick (his mark) Pyeatt; Pamela (her mark) Pyeatt

William and family appeared as follows on the 1850 census of St. Louis County, Missouri near his brothers, Jacob and Frederick:

Olive Hildebrand was the daughter of William's sister, Nancy with her husband, Isaac Hilderbrand.

Their daughter Manervia claimed to have been born in St. Francois County, Missouri, in 1854. I do not have other evidence of their residence there.

By the 1860 census William can be found in Bates County, Pleasant Gap Township, Missouri as follows:

According to Jean Vail, John and Frederick Pyeatt served in the Civil War from Bates County.

However, by the 1870 census they had removed to Stone County (Washington Township), Missouri. They appeared as follows:

Next door was son, Frederick, as follows: By 1880, Angelica was living with son William Pyeatt, Jr. and appeared on the Stone County, Missouri 1880 census in Washington Township: This family was enumerated vol 44 ed 120 sh 11 line 6.

Also in Washington Township was Angelica's daughter, Minerva Pyeatt Harris, as follows:

This family was enumerated #111/113 pg 29A ( image 13/25)).

I performed several searches of the 1880 census found at I searched the US for J/John Pyeatt (all spellings) born in Missouri in 1840 (+-2 years) - found John Pate in Caldwell Co, MO, father born TN. I searched the US for F/Frederick Pyeatt (all spellings) born in Missouri in 1841 (+-2 years) - no matches. I searched Missouri for 'Nancy' born in Missouri 1845 (+-2 years) with more that 200 found. Inspected many with a middle initial J and found none in likely counties.

The will of Anjelica Pyeatt was filed in Stone County, Missouri. An abstract of the pertinent facts which were published are as follows: Pyeatt, Anjelica, Will written 1 Nov. 1887 - prob. 16 Nov. 1887. Wit. M. A. Stone, R. B. Bennett and Mary Benett. Exec. None named. Heirs: Manervia Pyett, Mattie Pyeatt, William Pyeatt, Manervia Harris, Fred Pyeatt's children. When I wrote to the Missouri State Archives in Jefferson City, Missouri, and requested a copy of this will in Stone County c1887. Their reply was "I have searched Stone county will records from 1848-1898 for Anjeclica Pyeatt and did not locate a record". So, was it misfiled, misplaced, etc., or, was it never microfilmed? It is possible that it is at the Stone County courthouse and was transcribed for the book in which it appears.

Thanks to Mabry Benson, I now have the text of the will which she located on LDS microfilm as follows:
Will made 1 Nov 1887, pr 7 Nov 1887. Mrs Pyeatt calls witnesses to dispose of her property. Manerva Harris to have feather bed, Mattie Pyeatt the bedstead and straw tick Mattie to have 1 feather bed to have 1 two year old heifer, William Pyeatt to have the cow & calf. my bed clothes to be equally divided between Manervia Harris, Mattie Pyeatt and Wm Pyeatt 1 black ring for Wm 1 breast pin and ring for Mattie Pyeatt 1 ring for Minervia 1 watch for Mattie Pyeatt all the hogs for Manervia Harris all the glass dishes Ja for Mattie and $5.00 for Fred Pyeatts children 1 bed stead and straw tick for Marnervia Harris 1 little chest for Mattie My land to be divided equal between Manervia Harris and Wm Pyeatt. Stone County, Missouri, Probate Book 1, p 207-8

So, we see that she named four heirs (one deceased); Manerva Harris, Mattie Pyeatt, William Pyeatt and Frederick Pyeatt('s children). Manerva Pyeatt Harris received a feather bed, bed clothes, a ring, all the hogs, one bed stead and straw tick, and half of the property. William Pyeatt received a cow and calf, bed clothes, a black ring, and half of the property. Mattie received a bed stead and straw tick, a feather bed, a young heifer, bed clothes, a breat pin and ring, a watch, all the glass dishes, and a little chest. Fred's children received $5.00 indicating that they did not live close by. I'm starting to think that Mattie was William's daughter, Martha, who would have been 11 years old. Since Angelica lived with that family and Martha was the only grandchild in the area, perhpas she gave her household items.


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