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Elijah and Tabetha Piatt Barker

Tabetha Piatt was born c1776 and married Elijah Barker. It is possible that they were the parents of Jacob Barker who married Catherine Piatt and ended up in Adams and Belmont County, Ohio.

Elijah and Tabetha had the following known children:

Elijah moved the family from Eastern Maryland to Pennsylvania to Belmont County, Ohio. I find an Elijah Barker on the 1820 census of Belmont County, Ohio, as follows:
Barker, Elijah 1f0-10; 1f10-16; 1f>45; 2m0-10; 2m10-16; 4m16-26; 1m26-45; 2 in agriculture; total of 12

An article in the "Xenia Journal", Xenia, Indiana, dated August 12, 1887 Sarah Barker and her marriage to Charles Brandon has this quote from Sarah: "The second wife died about 1830, and 1835, at the age of sixteen, I was married to Mr. Brandon. My maiden name was Sarah Barker. My father, Elijah Barker, removed from Eastern Maryland to the Ohio Valley about 1810. There were sixteen children in the family, I being the youngest. I was born on Pipe Creek, October 12, 1819. I lived with my husband twenty-one years, when I obtained a divorce. The same year he died." Sarah's Sweney's death record lists her mother as Tebitha Piat. A Washington Post article (April 24, 1910) states Sarah Brandon's mother (Tebitha Piat) was said to have been "fullblood Indian."

In searching Belmont County, Ohio, original land patents I found:

I found land patents for John Barker, but, not for any others.

Tabetha Barker was in the Belmont County Infirmary in Belmont County, Ohio, during the 1860 census at age 84 (born c1776).


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