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Ned C and Della Ashlock Pyatt

Ned Cornelius Pyeatt was born in 1874 in Missouri to James Glass Pyatt and Rachel Miller. N C Pyatt married Della Ashlock on February 19, 1908, in Reynolds County, Missouri. Their marriage license is filed in Book D (1906-1915) in Carter County, Missouri. Since their license was acquired in Carter County, it makes me think that at least one of them had family in Reynolds County who hosted the wedding celebration.

Della was born Feb 1887 in Missouri to Calvin Finley Ashlock and Nancy Elizabeth Price who were both born in Kentucky. Calvin and Nancy are buried in the Gresham Cemetery in Carter County, Missouri, with some of Ned's relatives. Ned must have been previously married as a son, Henry, was born several years before this marriage. Also, on the 1910 census, Della is listed as having born one child and having one child still living. Also, this particular census taker put the marriage number on his abstract. Therefore, Ned had "M2" and Della "M1" in the married/single/widowed column.

Ned and ? had the following known child:

Ned and Della had the following known children:

Ned and family appeared as follows on the 1910 census of Pike Township, Carter County, Missouri:

After this census entry, Ned and Della lost their daughter, Docia, to bald hives. This was referred to by my husband's grandmother as 'bowl hives' but, she didn't know how it was spelled and so could have been 'bald hives'. She told me some of the ways to cure it, but, many children used to die of the illness. Since it has 'hives' in the name and the doctor lists throat and lung trouble - I'm assuming this is a result of anaphalaxic shock from an allergic reaction. You didn't think that peanuts only started killing people in this century - did you? Docia's death certificate is as follows:
Missouri State Archives, Jefferson City, MO Box 34 Location 37A/1/3
Death Certificate #30015 County: Carter; Township: Jackson; Registration District: 144; Primary Registration District: 5207; Full Name: Docia Pyatt; Sex: Female; Race: white; Marital status: single; Date of birth: Nove 29, 1909 Age: 10 mos 17 days; Occupation: infant; Birthplace: Mo; Name of Father: N C Pyatt; Birthplace of Father: Mo; Maiden name of Mother: Della Ashlock; Birthplace of Mother: Mo; Informant and address: N C Pyatt, Garwood, Mo; Filed: 10/11 1910 D C ?McSharom; Date of Death: Oct 8, 1910; Cause of Death: throat and lung trouble as Bald Hives; Place of burial or removal: Gresham Cemetery; Date of burial: Oct 8, 1910; Undertaker: Ethe Gresham, Garwood, Mo

Ned and family appeared as follows on the 1920 census of Creek County, Oklahoma:

Living nearby was the following family: I think it is not a coincidence that they lived lived another Piatt family with an 'Oma' in it. I don't believe I have identified this family yet. But, will try to see what the relationship between the two families is.