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orientation and visitors guide

orientation and visitors guide

orientation and visitors guide

The Arica Institute, a tax-exempt educational organisation, was founded in 1971 in New York by Oscar Ichazo, a former Bolivian. Born in 1931, Ichazo reputedly studied around the world although there is no proof. He also claims to have mastered all the various Yogas and to have acquired the highest possible levels of enlightenment. He considers himself the only authority able to verify his claims.

He taught a group of 50 Americans for ten months in Arica, Chile, then came to the US where he and his students/disciples began giving 3-Month trainings, then 40-Day trainings. The early work was very powerful and high "spiritual" states were common. But the states did not, as promised, endure.

And the organisation, originally promoted as an eclectic group of ancient exercises which would assist people to evolve more rapidly to higher states of consciousness from which they could act more effectively to resolve the myriad problems faced by society, instead was quietly being transformed into something else, something characterized by secrecy, deception and almost impossibly grandiose fantasies about the importance of its destined role on Earth.

A theocracy of incredible avarice developed, copyrighting everything in sight, including humanity itself, Humanity One ™.

And its copyrighted name brand , the Arica symbol? Let Ichazo modestly describe it:

"The Arica Symbol is also known as the Universal Logos, which means the primary Universal Law that produces the foundational vibration upon which all creation happens. The Universal Logos also means the Universal Reason or Universal Law by which all creation manifests."

(News From Arica Institute - June 1998)

Although Arica originally embraced western science, nothing it promised was ever verified. Many scientists or scholars who tried to work with Arica material or even discuss it in classrooms were threatened with law suits. Ichazo one day just changed his definition of science to something perhaps based on Socrates (See TON5, Chapter 6, Science and Medical News.). As the scientific studies were quietly abandoned, Arica claims were just made larger and more grandiose until now the cult is the sine qua non of human survival even though it's organisation is unable at this moment to support a single paid employee and its main activity in 2001 was planning a birthday party for Ichazo.

There is no question that Ichazo was in the possession of a wide range of extremely powerful spiritual exercises most of which were taken from reputable ancient traditions and modified. Newer material seems simply to be made up by grafting AricaOscar trademarked terms on ancient patterns copied from books. Nor that he is an extremely intelligent person. What is in question is what happens to people who use the techniques and apply the theory, what kind of a society do they create? metaton is designed to give you some insight into the CultArica, which, in the form it presents itself, as the prototype of the Metasociety ™, humanity's unique and only saviour, has eliminated freedom, creativity and intelligent thought from its midst.



viewing the metaton site

This sector presents the briefest of guidelines to help you navigate the delusion that is the Arica Cult.

For those with the good fortune not to be familiar with Arica, I recommend starting with my arica story and going on to TON5 which will give you an idea of how the delusion currently operates. The pattern of the divine human drone prototype soon emerges. the glossary might be of help from time to time.

For those interested in following the strange case of the phantom corporation that is but isn't,
Non-Corporate Velocity Inc
is to be recommended.

A fine choice for those with a good knowledge of accounting, deception and tax law is the rather long and intricate No Age Accounting.

GonGram is an excellent short article, and really illustrates the nature, so to speak, of the beast as Ichazo is caught in the act. A lesson in intégrité manqué.

Stay Tuned is a clear example of how one set of unfulfilled promises rolls endlessly on into another illusion on the road to pay-as-you-go Copyrighted Blasphemy. Really rather sad and revolting. Fine people having their souls sucked dry by ghouls.

SOBER READING is just that. Several documents, with some clarifications, that make one wonder about not only about the cult's suitability to guide Humanity One (as they have service marked the human race which they regard as their property) into the future, but their integrity-challenged morals.

Having experience in the Theatre of the Absurd has served me in good stead during this inquiry turned roto-rooter investigation. There are now three plays in the Velocity Watch Theatre.

They illustrate various aspects of the behavior of "THE TOP OF HUMANITY" (As Ichazo somewhat modestly terms Aricans' monumental wonderfulness ). I think they are hilarious, but I have a reputation for a having a very unusual sense of humour.

But even a strong and evolved sense of humour does fully cover the pain and cruelty of the depraved horror that is Arica today. Fortunately, there îs a dark side: Arica Family Values.

the koan
There's not really anything you can say about a koan except: take a look. The solution is, even for a koan, refreshingly unusual. Send an email to with the words koan solution in the subject line for a look at it.

Thanks for visiting metaton. I hope you will enjoy your stay.

Take care, Sterling Doughty

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