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Name: Kristen Modafferi

Current Age:  20      Age at Disappearance: 18     

 D.O.B.:  June 1, 1979

Date of Disappearance: June 23, 1997     From: San Francisco, CALIFORNIA

Height:  5'8"      Weight: 140 lbs.      Hair: Dark Brown         Eyes: Dark Brown  

Distinctive Facial Features:   Dimples on both cheeks

DETAILS:   Kristen was new to the Oakland/San Francisco, California area when she vanished after having left work.   Kristen left behind a $400 paycheck from her place of employment and had already paid for summer session classes at UC Berkeley which were to begin the next day, eliminating the probability of a planned disappearance. Before leaving her place of employment that day, she had mentioned to co-workers that she was interested in visiting a beach in the Land's End area of the city.  Search dogs were able to confirm that Kristen was at that beach some time that day.  Investigators have two theories regarding her disappearance: 1) that Kristen may have been abducted by persons unknown and is being held against her will or 2)   Kristen suffered some sort of injury that would have left her disoriented about her surroundings and unable to recognize where she was or remember who she was, causing her to wander away.  Kristen has been missing for 2 years as of June 23, 1999.  She is considered to be at risk.

Contact Information:  Officer Mahanay (520) 238-3641  The Modafferi Family: (704) 845-2116  Email: bobmod@aol.com  If you spot Kristen in immediate danger, please call 911or your local law enforcement agency

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This page last updated June 16, 1999

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