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Name:  Erica Lee Fraysure

Current Age: 19   Age at Disappearance: 17

Date of Birth: May 06, 1980

Date of Disappearance: October 21, 1997  From:  Brooksville, KENTUCKY

Height: 5'7"  Weight: 115 lbs.  Eyes: Blue  Hair: Brown

DETAILS:  Erica Fraysure was driving home on the night of October 21, 1997 when she was last spotted traveling through Brooksville.  Twenty-four hours later her car, a black 1988 Pontiac, was found unlocked and abandoned in a hayfield near where she had last been seen.  Her belongings including her wallet, purse and checkbook had been left behind undisturbed in the vehicle.  Her car keys were missing yet there were no signs of forced entry or struggle.  Police do not believe Erica to be a runaway and she has not been heard from or seen since her disappearance.

Contact Information:   The Bracken Co. Sheriff at (606) 735-2700, or The Polly KlaasŪ Foundation (800) 587-4357

Click here to visit The Polly KlaasŪ Foundation webpage regarding Erica

This page last updated June 16, 1999

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