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Thanksgiving Puppet Skits !

Thanksgiving Song
see footnotes*

Butch: (alone on stage) ( singing to the tune of "Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin pie")
Turkey dressing pumpkin pie
everything that Butchie likes.
Football games and big parades.
Everything we eat's home made.
Mashed potatos gravy....

Liz: (entering stage)(interupts Butch) Hey Butch, what's that song your singing?

Butch: That's my new Thanksgiving song. Did you like it?

Liz: Well, I didn't really hear all of it.

Butch: You want me to sing it again?

Liz: (sarcastically) Sure butch, go ahead.

Butch: (singing)
Turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie,
everything that Butchie likes.
Football games and big parades.
Everything we eat's home made.
Mashed potatoes gravy too,
cookies baked for me and you.
Lots of kids will come to play,
I can't wait 'till turkey day.*

Liz: (angrily) Is that it!!

Butch: Well yeah,did you like it?

Liz: (sarcastically) It kinda sounds like one of those songs my grandma listens
to on the oldies station.

Butch: (sadly) Yeah, the tune is from an old motown song.

Liz: (lovingly) Butch, don't be sad it sounded good, you just forgot one thing.

Butch: What's that?

Liz: You didn't say anything about JESUS!!

Butch: Jesus wasn't at the first thanksgiving.

Liz: (sarcastically) Neither was football or parades. Thanksgiving is about
being thankful to God and Jesus.

Butch: (sadly) Boy, am I stupid.

Liz: Don't worry about it. Most people don't celebrate Thanksgiving
for what it really means, but we can start today!

Butch: (joyously) Cool, how do we do it?

Liz: I know a real good Thanksgiving song. The kids church singers
can help us. The congregation can help too.

Butch: All right!!!!

Kids Church comes up. Overhead comes on, music starts, all sing: "I Thank You Lord" from "Rubber Chickens and Purple Guitars" by Jim Wideman.** Footnotes: * The tune to this song is from an old Motown song.
Unfortunately I can not remember all the words or the Title. If
you know the title PLEASE e-mail me so I can put it on this page.
It might be "Uptight Outasight" I just can't remember.
(It must be the 400 acid trips I took)CHEECH&CHONG

Footnote: ** "Rubber Chickens And Purple Guitars" is a very good
Kidschurch tape it includes "Mighty Mighty Christian" and many
other great P&W Songs. Any Christian Bookstore will have it.

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