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History of the Grey Seers
Clan of the Sun Sword

History of the Grey Seers

The Grey Seers are a reclusive group of Mystics commonly found in the North American Magic Zone. They are mostly regarded as soothsayers and prognosticators of the highest Caliber, and they often function in this capactiy. Little is told of their history, however. This should shed some light on that history.

"Grey Seers may be born, not made, but it is up to us to hone our talents."
-- Teacher Ken-uba The Grey Seers were started by a woman named Damia Liv. Damia was born two years before the Post Apocalyptic Calendar came into being. She was raised in Dweomer where she was apprenticed as a Mystic. It was here where she began to show that her greatest psychic gifts were the Sensitive and Healing powers, and the the spells she aquired also leaned toward healing and protection. After finishing her apprenticeship, she served in the Dweomer Defense Force for four years. During that time, her ability to sense intruders coming (sometimes before they were) and her healing abilities saved her fellow troops countless times. After she finished serving in the DDF, she left dweomer to explore North America. She was returning to Dweomer from her travels when she discovered an ancient (pre-rifts) Library. The library was mostly collapsed, and most of the books had long since rotted away. Damia, however, was for some reason drawn deep into the rubble to a section which was amazingly undamaged by time or the coming of the rifts. It was in this section that Damia found her destiny. The books in the uncollapsed section were mostly books on Eastern Philosophy (Hindu and other Indian religions) and a collection of the prophecies of Nostrodamas. In the course of reading these books, Damia learned to hone her natural divinition skills and came to accept the truth that true knowledge could only come from a mind unclouded with emotions and expectations. In all, Damia spent three years reading and struggling to understand the works she had found. It was another seven years before she returned to Dweomer to recruit some of the best and brightest (as far as divinition went) Mystics to join her. She left Dweomer for the last time in 35 PA at the age of 37 in the company of 16 Mystics and their families (31 people total) to start a new way of life. The town (intentionally kept small to incourage meditation) of Prophecy is built on the site of the library Damia had found. Damia, now over 100 years old, is the head of the order, but usually leaves the teaching to the lower level Teacher Seers. Clan of the Sun Sword

A Brotherhood of Warrior-Ley Line Walkers Required: Attributes: IQ: 12, PE: 15 OCC: Ley Line Walker Alignment: Scrupulous, Unprincipled, Aberrant Skills: WP: Sword Identification: Every member has a white-yellow sword tattoo on their right forearm. The number of light rays coming from the sword represents the casters rank in the group. 0 rays- Initiate: Has been in the Clan for less than one year (lvl 1 mages) 2 rays- Brother: Has been in the Clan for at least one year (largest group) 4 rays- Rapier: A Brother who has earned distinction 6 rays- Teacher: One who finds and trains Initiates 8 rays- Councilor: Serves on the Council & decides if someone is worthy of membership (only 10) 10 rays- Reaver: Head of the Council (usually highest level member (only 1)) Note: 50% of the Councilors' tattoos act as a tattoo version of the lightblade spell at half the normal PPE & Double Duration The Members of this Clan are all (from Level One on) are taught a special version of Lightblade that does 1d6x10MD +1MD per level.