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Hamilton Guide Service



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Beaver Lake Arkansas


the Beautiful White River

(479) 359-3435

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Hugh and the Big Fish!
Hugh and Nancy 


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For Our Customers that are looking for land in our area, I now have my Brokers License and we have opened a Real Estate Office - Lake Country Realty. Give me a call.
You can reach me at the following numbers:
Office:(479) 359-2000
Cell:(479) 903-0855
Home:(479) 359-3435
Go to our website

Here are a few sites you can go look at that will be helpful in your search for a home or property in this area.

Lake Country Realty

Support freedom

We would like to express the sorrow that we share with our customers and our fellow Americans over the actions of September 11th.

For those who would like to help, you can visit the Red Cross at

Thank you very much, HAMILTON GUIDE SERVICE

In light of the recent crisis we have included this on our web page. We must not forget what has happened and what is now happening in this great country we live in. We are a proud people and we will overcome this tragedy and prevail.

September 11th, 2001

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