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Anime Favorites...GONE WRONG

Cursor by www.Soup-Faerie.Com This site is for the shows we all love. Introductions first! I'm Sarah... I don't really care who you are but...Welcome "Your name here".

Here, first I am putting up the comics my sister and I made. I can not make any promises pertaining to their quality, but I guaruntee that any one with a sense of humor will find something to laugh at.

Essentially, what my sister and I did was take funny pictures from some of our favorite shows, tweak them, and make a new, original story line. These are basically like a whole new episode in the series.

We tried to pay as much attention to detail and character personalities as possible. But, being that these are parodies, and meant to be a bit satirical (i.e. parodiesÖ), we couldnít always keep things as true as some real buffs may have liked. On the whole, I think its better that we try to be funny, rather than try to write seriously and piggyback off the popularity of the shows. Instead, we get our kicks mocking the shows we love. No offense to any fanfic writers out there. Iím not really trying to undermine any talent you may have.

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Our first video: Crazzzzy Dancing

These are our first few comics, so here they are.

Inuyasha and Melís Video!!!!Inuyasha and Melís: When Mirokuís lust is out of control, Sango decides itís time for the group to visit Melís. While there, Kagome and Sango encounter Sesshoumaru with hilarious results!

Yu Yu Hakusho: Yusuke and the Evil Naked Molerats: When Evil Naked Molerats are taking over the world, youíve got to Rock and Roll! Wonderful cameos and special effects lead to hilarious results! ...Comming Soon!

Cowboy Bebop: The Cool One! : Your favorite gay cross dresser is back! Julius narrates a wonderful tale of love and war. Spike blows up the Red Dragon Syndicate Happy Land Daycare Center with hilarious results! ...Comming Soon!

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