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About Me and This Site

About me? Hm..lets see...

~Name : Brittany AllsyouneedtoknowisthatIluvyaoi
~Age : 17
~B-Day : June 24th
~Sex : Female!
~Hair Color : Strawberry Blonde With Blond Highlights.
~Hair Length: I got it cut short! (Luv it 2)
~Eye Color : Dark Green.
~Stats : ....Yaoi loving fan....
~Personality : Nice, Fun, kind, queit(sometimes), Get very HYPER when I get suger.....SuGuR!!!!!!!
~Height : 5'7

~Favorite Anime : Gundam Wing!!, Hellsing, Dragonball Z, Card Captors, Escaflowne, Neon Genissis Evangelion,"X" the series and so much more!

~Favorite Couples : Heero/Duo(1x2), Trowa/Quatre(3x4), Heero/Trowa (3x1), Heero/Duo/Wufei (1x2x5), Tory/Julian, Trory/Yue, Sakura/Li(yes I realize...a straight couple! Ah! The horror!!), Van/Hitomi (Ah, heh, ditto). *CROSS-OVERS* Heero/Van ^.^;, and of course Komui/Fumma.

~Writing That I like : I love Homor, Serious, and Romance!! I write alot of fanfiction so be sure to visit my profile HERE and at the bottom is all my fanficytion! Please review! ^^

~Me as a writer : Love to write Serious (Romance/action/angust)
~Country : Ontario, Canada
~Race : Cucasion (White)

As for how this site came into exsistence, I was board, and I in the spare time that I have left until school, I thought I would make a site, and on my favorite topic at that ^^ Yaoi.