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Evidence!! Ah Ha!

First I'll start off with the couples that I like, and then once I find more, then I'll add more evidence.

Why Heero and Duo?

"Why?" says I, "Beacuse! Just listen to my rant and you will see. Alot of people say that there isn't anything in the series that sugests that Heero and Duo are a couple. As a matter of fact, there's nothing in the series to suggest that anyone is in love with someone. Not even Heero and Relena, or Duo and Hilde. There are no series pairings in GW, unless you're talking about Relena's parents. Zechs and Noin come damn close, as do Treize and Lady Une. But even they aren't in a love relationship.

Upon my first viewing of the series and EW, one thing stuck in my mind: Duo has a crush on Heero. That's... that's something I'm absolutely convinced of. There's a million and one little (and big) things in the series that point to that. Duo, looking up at the moon, wondering about Heero, where he is and what he's doing. He asks Heero to be nice to him (twice) and looks up to him ("You're quite the guy, Heero."). He considers him a friend from the beginning, after saving him from the hospital (and shooting him twice, saving Relena's ungrateful ass in the process)(Btw, I don't have anything aganst Relena...well a bit.)

He's mightily pleased when Heero remembers his name and even offers him Deathscythe's spare parts to help fix Wing. Furthermore, note Duo's attitude in episode #11, after Heero self-destructs and everybody but Trowa thinks he's dead. Duo is depressed. Duo is down. Duo tells Quatre he could use a little cheering up. Duo is in love.

Heero is on Duo's mind constantly. The first thing Duo asks when meeting amnesiac!Trowa in the circus is where Heero is. On Peacemillion, Duo keeps wandering back toward Heero (talking about Epyon, inviting him to play chess) and searching him when he isn't there (when Heero's gone to the Libra to get Relena, Duo is nervous and on edge -- he acts and sounds almost jealous when Quatre talks about Heero and Relena on Libra).

As for Heero... well, I'm of the opinion he's almost asexual in the series, lol. For him, the mission comes first, everything else be damned. Not even Relena will stand in the way of achieving peace and he's perfectly willing to kill her if he has to (the first time he aimed a gun at her, Duo stopped him. When she becomes Queen and announces the eradication of all borders it's the applause starting up that stops him. In EW, Relena survives by sheer luck because Heero does blow up the building knowing she was in there).

Still, I believe Duo isn't just "one of the pilots" to him. Duo "stands out" and Heero is unable to kill him (much like with Relena), overcoming years and years of training. The flashback episodes starring Heero and Relena are telling -- Relena recounts her first meeting with Heero; Heero tells the viewers about his first meeting with the other pilots, saving Duo for last and going on about him the longest. Then, he clearly places Duo and Relena in the same category of "people he can't kill and are a danger to the mission".

In Endless Waltz, Heero and Duo are a lot closer. So close, even, that when Sally and Noin see Duo on the vidscreen, they automatically assume Heero is with him (and they're right). The hitting scene is also very cool for us 1x2x1 'shippers -- Heero won't hit Duo until Duo hits him first, in true "one for one" fashion. And, after he does punch Duo in the stomach, he tells him it's "for his own good".

Also while in school together, Duo is always approaching Heero, trying to get him to cheer up. (ep 10). Heero takes on Duo’s name when he enters the colony school. (ep 18). As for the Doujinshi?? You can deside that for yourself! Explain this :

(So there ya go! Thats enough evidence for me. If you have anymore please be sure to email me them!. (Rant over.)