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Welcome to Two Hot Dead Guys!!! YAYNESS!!!!! ^^;;

This site is dedicated specifically to Gentatsu Takatsuki and Captain Souzo Sagara of the anime series Rurouni Kenshin, aka: the two hot dead guys. The main story is called Like A Prayer and is a short novel beautifully written and complete with illustrations of the more funnier parts. Like a Prayer is rated NC-17 for Shardy's colorful vocabulary, suggestive humor, binge drinking, and a little yaoi. ^_~*

Other fanfictions dedicated to these two hotties will be posted up as well, but they are shorter and do not include drawings (except maybe for the cover).

04-24-03-- YAY!! Two new chapters posted!!! ^_^ Still no drawings. >_<

04-16-03::Okay, as I have promised, the site is open now. However due to Shardy's overextensive laziness, all we have is two chapters up and the bio. That's it!! But I'll be working on it somemore this afternoon, okey-dokey?? ^_^

Love, Shardy and Erin. Shardy is the writer, illustrater, and site builder. Erin is just some random chick who gives Shardy ideas for the story and the site. ^_^

Enter at your own risk!!!! O_O
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