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This is a YAOI / YURI (m/m and f/f) friendly site as well as a traditional pairing friendly. If you do not like the idea of same sex relationships, you might want to go here instead. Saves me the trouble and the bandwidth if you decide to flame the artists who are hosted here who write stories with same sex pairings. Though, if you are open minded about all pairings and relationships, please, come on in.

Oh.. right... My site...

All material within is property of their owners. Any stealing and the violator will be shot stabbed then served to 10,000 hungry muses. Huh.. Make that 20,000. Adding in the plot bunnies too. Can't forget them. Annoying little buggers.

Certain parts of this site aren't fully compatible with older versions of Netscape or Internet Explorer. Please do not write to me asking me to fix them. I appreciate if someone tells me that a page isn't working, but I cannot be fixing pages that others can see and you can't because you refuse to upgrade your systems.

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