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Under the Rain
By: Xellia Metallium

Chapter 2

Standard Disclaimers Apply.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Sequel to… obviously ^_~, “Under the rain ~ Soujiro’s POV”. Same notes as the previous one… and the song used is called “But but but” a Slayers song by Ishida Akira (Xellos).


Tell me, what is it that makes the places you are so special? Of course. Since it's you we're talking about you've done your best to live heroically, right?

He didn't look. He didn't even glanced at her.

Misao felt a sharp pain through her heart. She waited for so long for Aoshi to return her the same feelings she had for him. But he didn't. Today was her birthday and nothing special happened. Holding back her tears, Misao ran off upstairs leaving the OniwaBanshuu looking after her, surprised.

How about we finally head off into the new world? Together hand in hand let's fly away!

Walking through the rain, Misao thought back of that time. After she ran off to her room, Aoshi came in and started talking to her. Explaining why he treated her the way he did. It was a long conversation, but everything went well at the end. Or did it? He'd told her that she was like a little sister to him, one he would always care for, but nothing more than that. It was painful for her to hear that, but she got over it. Well...starting to, at least.

The rain starting falling more heavily as the minutes go by and the streets were now empty, not a person in sight. Okina must have been worried about her by now, but Misao didn't feel like going back home, not just yet. She wanted time for herself.

Come on, let's go! Everything will be all right. Are you ok? No doubt we'll be all right. I can't make any guarantees... but, although I can't see into tomorrow, I'm really excited. So let's go on a little adventure... Because I know you like adventures, right?

Walking a little further, she saw a figure coming her way. It was a young man, without an umbrella. Misao looked at him and gasped. She remembered that face! He was one of Shishio's men, Tenken no Soujiro. He must have taken the same path Kenshin took, to wander alone in the world looking for answers. As the two walked toward each others, they suddenly came to a halt.

He was staring at her. Such sad eyes. She didn't know why, but she felt a tingling feeling inside her. A soft, warm sensation dwelling deep inside. Unknowingly, Misao looked up to him and smiled. Her next action was even more surprising. Holding out her umbrella to him, she asked softly.

Yes, it definitely might be scary... there is some truth in your words. But for some reason I have a feeling that we can't turn back now.

"Want to join me under this umbrella? It's raining hard out there."

He looked at her wide-eyes, and after a brief silence... he smiled.

"Hai. Arigato."

'Will we lose or win?' 'Will it turn out white or black?' This doesn't fit my character too well, but it's okay once in a while, right?

Standing under the umbrella, the two stared at each others in silence. Savoring the moments, Misao felt complete. The loneliness and pain she felt for days seemed to melt away as she stood there next to him.

Come on, all right. Everything will be all right. Are you ok? No doubt we'll be all right. I can't make any guarantees... but, although I can't see into tomorrow, my heart is beating fast. So let's put a little bit at stake. Because I know you like gambling, right?

Could he be...? Could he be the one to heal my wounded heart?

No one was there to hear her question, but Misao already knew her answer.

Kaoru-san had found her rurouni and lived happily with him....Misao thought...

Come on, let's go. Everything will be all right. Are you ok? No doubt we'll be all right. There will be lots of delicious food there. Check...since you have unlimited hopes, let's persevere at this. Because I know you're a real gourmet, right?

...and I've finally found mine as well.

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