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Who is Seta Soujirou?

Name: Seta Soujirou
Title:Tenken no Soujirou.
Age: 18
Date of Birth: September 1861 (Virgo)
Place of Birth: Kanagawa Prefecture
Height: 163cm (5ft, 4in)
Weight: 51kg (112lbs)
Blood Type: AB
(Personality traits associated with this blood type: Cool and controlled, generally well-liked and always put people at ease. You're a natural entertainer, tactful, fair, sometimes standoffish, blunt and have difficulty making decisions.)
Technique: Tenken (Heavenly Sword)
Weapon: Nihontou (Japanese Sword. One of the swords he uses is called the Kikuichimonji Norimune)
Moves: Shukuchi (Reduced Earth), Shun Ten Satsu (Instant Heaven Kill)

If you haven't seen the Soujirou episodes, and you don't want them spoiled, then don't read any further!

About Soujirou's Personality and Skills
Seta Soujirou is quite an intruiquing character. Underneath the smiling face of a seemingly innocent young man lies a deadly assassin. A painful childhood has caused Soujirou to lock away all his emotions. Human beings experience four main emotions: love, anger, fear, and sadness. The only emotion that Soujirou ever shows is Joy. Because Soujirou lacks emotion, it makes it hard for an opponent to predict his moves. Another skill that aids Soujirou is his ability to run faster than the eye can see. This is called Shukuchi, which means reduced earth because it seems like the distance between him and his opponent instantly vanishes. All of this makes Soujirou virtually impossible to beat.

About Soujirou's Past Soujirou was born to a rice merchant and a prostitute. When he was little, both parents died, and he was left with his father's family. The family treated him as a slave, working him to exhaustion and beating him constantly. As a defense, Soujirou began to smile.

"When they picked on me or treated me like I was in their way, I’d get mad or cry. But the more I got mad, the more I cried, they’d just tell me to shut up or hit me. But if I was patient and kept smiling, they’d give up and go away, and I wouldn’t get hurt any more. No matter how much it hurt, no matter how bad, if I just kept smiling . . ."

One night, Soujirou witnesses an odd man in bandages killing policemen. When the man notices Soujirou's presence, he goes to kill him, but stops when Soujirou starts smiling. He agrees to let Soujirou live in exchange for food and shelter. The man turns out to be Shishio Makoto, an ex-assassin being hunted by the government. Soujirou tells Shishio about his life and how he is mistreated. In response, Shishio gives Soujirou his wakazashi and tells him something that will change the rest of his life.

"The strong live and the weak die."

But young Soujirou decides that it's not so bad to be weak and hides the sword. A while later, his family discovers that Soujirou had been hiding the fugitive and set out to kill him as punishment. Soujirou hides underneath the porch of the house, where had been hiding the sword. His family finds him, and in a state of panic, Soujirou kills them all with the wakazashi. Shishio takes Soujirou with him to train in swordsmanship. He becomes Shishio's right-hand man, and the strongest of the Juppongatana (Ten Swords).