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By: Souken

Chapter 9
Nothing Stays Perfect

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Standing before them was none other than Honjou Kamatari. The bishonen boy looked almost exactly the same as he did back in Kyoto, dressed in an elaborate woman's kimono. The only difference being that his purple hair was longer now, held back of his neck with a pink ribbon. "Sou-chan! I'm so happy to be able to see you again." He shouted gleefully, attacking Soujirou with a hug. "You don't know how much I've missed you." Kamatari squeezed him tightly until Soujirou sputtered for air.

"Kamatari, please let go! I need air!" He choked. Kamatari let him go and backed away a bit, studying his appearance. "Ah, you've gotten taller and you're starting to look a bit more like a man." He cooed, ruffling his hair affectionately. "Too bad you like girls, or I would take you home with me." Kaoru looked on with plain disgust and Soujirou just gave a sigh, as he was used to Kamatari's flirtatious behavior. "What are you doing here? I thought you were sent to America?"

"I was finished over there, and I missed see you!" He cried, once again squeezing the life out of Soujirou. Kaoru decided that she had seen enough, so she stomped over to the two and roughly yanked Soujirou out of his embrace. "Cut it out idiot! Are you trying to kill him?"

Kamatari stopped fawning over Soujirou and turned to greet Kaoru cheerfully. "And how are you Tanuki-onna? I see you haven't changed much." He reached out a hand to lift her chin, his smile turning into a smirk. "You're still a bit scrawny and boyish, but you're starting to look more like a girl." He said, pinching her cheek.

Kaoru sputtered furiously and slapped his hand away. "Oh you're one to talk! Cross dressing freak!"

Kamatari laughed girlishly. "Such an outspoken young woman! Sou-chan, how can you stand living with her?"

"Well, I...." Soujirou glared at Kamatari suspiciously. "How do you know I've been living with her?"

"Oh, I've been watching you for a couple days now. You all look like such a happy family!" He shook his finger at Kaoru in a scolding manner. "You should be more careful taking in all these ex-murders Kaoru-san, you might end up in big trouble someday. Not everyone is as innocent as they seem."

"Yes, I agree with you completely." Kaoru replied mockingly, giving him a furious glare.

"So, how is Himura Battousai taking this?" Kamatari asked Soujirou.

"Taking what?"

"You stealing young Kaoru-san away from him. I always assumed that she was his woman." He replied with a sly grin on his face. "But I don't blame you Kaoru-san, Sou-chan is much better looking."

At this, Soujirou's eyes popped out of his head and Kaoru started coughing violently. "Ah, it's not like that at all, Kamatari! Kaoru is my sister."

"Oh Sou-chan, I didn't know you had a sister! And you never told me after all the years we've known each other? I thought we were friends." He whined, faking a hurt expression.

"Sorry Kamatari, but I didn't even know until just recently."

Kamatari's expression changed instantly, and he eyed them both. "Ah, now that you mention it, you do look a little bit similar."

"Different mothers." Kaoru muttered.

"Hm, interesting." He said, then smirked at Kaoru. "Too bad you don't share Soujirou's good looks." Kaoru growled menacingly, looking ready to attack. Soujirou, sensing the imminent danger, quickly stepped in front of her.

"Ah Kamatari, it was really nice getting to see you again, but I think we should head home now. It's getting dark." He said, all the while trying to keep Kaoru at bay.

"Aww, and I was having so much fun." He whined. "Actually, before you leave, could I talk with you for a minute?" Kamatari asked, then giving Kaoru a pointed look. "Alone, please?"

Soujirou turned to Kaoru, who was still looking like she wanted to murder the cross-dresser. "Go ahead and start walking home. I'll catch up with you in a couple minutes." He told her. Kaoru hesitated, looking at Kamatari suspiciously. Finally, she did what Soujirou had asked and started walking.

"Somebody needs to teach that girl manners." Kamatari sighed.

"What is it that you needed to tell me?" Soujirou asked.

Kamatari's expression went from playful to serious in an instant. "Someone's looking for you."

"What? Who?"

"I don't really know. When I first arrived back in Japan, a man approached me and asked if I knew where you were. Apparently he knew who I was, cause he addressed me by name."

"Did he say why he was looking for me?"

"No. When I told him that I didn't know where you were, he just stared at me for a few moments and then walked off." Kamatari looked at Soujirou nervously. "There was something in his eyes that really creeped me out and his aura felt really hostile. Whoever he is, I don't think he wants to meet you for a nice chat."

Soujirou thought about everything Kamatari was telling him, and he couldn't help but be a bit worried. What did this man want? Was is someone looking for revenge? But then a thought came to him that worried him even more. Would this affect his new family? Another question came to mind. "By the way, how did you know I was here?"

"I just asked Chou." Kamatari stated simply.

"Chou? How did he find out?" He asked wearily. Did everyone know where he was?

"He was here a few weeks ago and saw you in the streets. He would have said something to you, but he was with a group of officers at the time."

"I see. Is there anything else I should know?"

" Not that I can remember. Sorry." Kamatari said apologetically.

"Well, thanks for telling me."

"Oh, you know I would do anything to protect my favorite little assassin." Kamatari grinned. Then smile fell from his face, and he looked at Soujiro, lines of worry marring his forehead. "Just be careful." He whispered.

"I will." Soujirou promised, genuinely touched by his concern. Kamatari was the only member of the Juppongatana that had ever openly showed affection for Soujirou. At the time Soujirou had felt uncomfortable by his behavior, as he didn't know how to handle such emotions. But now he knew, and he appreciated it.

Kamatari gave him another small hug, and with a cheerful smile, turned to walk away. "I'll come back and visit you again sometime." He yelled over his shoulder. Soujirou stared at his retreating form for a few seconds, wondering exactly how Kamatari could change his moods so rapidly. He sighed in exasperation and turned to run in the direction that Kaoru went.

When Soujirou finally caught up with her, Kaoru gave him a questioning look. "Did that idiot have anything important to say?"

"No, not really." He answered, wanting desperatly to avoid an explanation.

Kaoru gave him a skeptic look. "You look worried." She observed.

"There's nothing to worry about, I promise." He said in the most confident voice he could muster. The logical part of his mind told him that she needed to know, but he really didn't want to cause her unnecessary stress. If anything came up, he would take care of it on his own. "We should probably hurry home. The rest will wonder where we are." And with that, he began to walk faster.

Kaoru followed him silently, her expression showing that she was far from convinced.

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