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December 18, 2003: Wow, it's been quite awhile since I've updated! Finally, someone sent me a fic to post. I've added "Enigmatic Travels" by Justin. Also chapters 6-9 of "Unexpected". I would like to update more often, but it really depends on you guys. If you have any fanfics or fanart that you would like to share, then please email me.

September 1, 2003: Added chapter 9 of "Crimson Skies", "Wrinkled Packages" by Deena, "Face" and "Shatter" by The Lady Arianrod, and a fanart by Xellia Metallium.

August 28, 2003: Added chapters 3-5 of "Unexpected".

August 9, 2003: Added chapter 2 of "Unexpected" and chapters 7 and 8 of "Crimson Skies."

August 2, 2003: Added chapter 1 of the story "Unexpected" by Souken.

August 1, 2003: Added the story "Symbiosis" by Aishuu.

June 19, 2003: Added Chapters 3-6 of "Crimson Skies". Also added a new story, "Under the Rain" by Xellia Metallium.

June 17, 2003: Yay! The first fanfic has been posted! Crimson Skies by Chibi-Angel, Chapters 1 and 2. Go the the stories page and check it out.

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