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Dragon Ball Z Dolls

Hey! It's me, Lyss. I've put countless hours of work into these dolls so *please* don't steal them! I know it's easy to get past the right click button but don't! If you want a doll that bad, just e-mail me with the filled out adoption form.When some one adopts one of these dolls, I'll put them up on the Adopted page with a link to the site where they are adopted. If the doll you want isn't here, just e-mail me with a full-body picture of the character you want(in color please) and I'll do it ASAP. Thank ya lots!


Lyss's Dragonball Z Dolls

Android 16 Android 17 Android 18 Trunks
Bra Bulma Chi-Chi Krillin
Piccolo Goku Vegeta Videl
Tien Freeza Chibi Trunks GT Trunks
Chibi Teen Trunks Gohan Goku Goten

Aya's Dragonball Z Dolls

Aya has yet to paint her DBZ dolls. - -'