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Here are the basic rules for adopting. There is also a form in here, and some secret words for the form, which you will need as proof that you've read this page! ^_^


  • Rule #1. Absolutely Positively NO STEALING!!! I cannot stress this enough. We want credit for our hard work! May I be able to tell you that each doll is hand painted, which is not so much of an accomplishment with some dolls but a major deal with others(especially those with all the details, like the sailor scouts ^^)And yes, I know there are tons of ways around the right click protection (which destroys the whole point o.o;) it's only there as a reminder, we're trusting all the decent people to respect us. And all you not decent people, what goes around comes around.
  • Rule#2. You must have a website to adopt a doll. We want to be able to check up on our dolls and make sure they're being properly cared for. ^^ Also, if you adopt one, we must be able to see it within a week after we email it to you, or we'll put you down on another page, and we don't want to do that, but we will, trust me. (Lyss probably doesn't care ^^)
  • Rule#3. The adopted doll can come with or without a banner, that's your choice, but the doll or banner MUST BE LINKED BACK TO THE SITE! We want due credit for our dolls. If it isn't linked, you will be warned, and then put down on the put down page without a name if you do not link the doll after the warning.
  • Rule#4. Although this might not stay a solid rule, it could change, for better or for worse, for the moment, you will not be allowed to adopt more than 1 doll, and that doll will only be adopted out to you, no one else can have it until you give it back up for adoption, unless: 1. You don't have it up on your site within a week of our email, unless we have been notified that you wouldn't be able to update. 2.If you haven't updated your site in over a month. 3. If we find that you have more than one of our dolls on your site or with your email, etc. We want this to be special, and we want the dolls to have good homes!
  • This isn't a rule; we will need your email address if you adopt; but you don't have to have it in the directory, only your name and site are required. Just state if you don't want it up, and we won't link your name to your email. The secret words are "Murasaki no ushiha Moo-to naku." um, or, if you are frustrated with Japanese, "Purple cows say Moo." Satisfied? :P ^_^ We respect the want of privacy, don't we Lyss?
  • Adoption Form

    Finally, the adoption form. You send Aya or Lyss an email with the subject "adoption form" and the filled out form. Like you'll need it for a long while, but I'm putting it up now anyway. We will need:
    • Your Name or Nickname
    • Your Website's Name
    • Your Website's URL
    • The name of the doll you want to adopt
    • The Secret Words (dun dun!)
    • Do you want it on a banner? (i.e. "My name is so and so and I was adopted at Aya and Lyssy's blah blah blah")
    • Do you want your email to stay private?

    Ok, that's basically it for now. I'll get down to posting our dolls that are currently up after we make a few more adjustments to the site. Till Then!