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Finally, all the evil stuff that Gendou did in his previous life are going to be revealed...
A man, so handsome that the sin of love keeps on following him everywhere he goes...
Young, old, used, second hand, Fuyutsuki, blond, albino, gay, Kaworu, fat, thin, tall short, living, dead...

They all fell for him.

Find out the truth in...



Gendou "Eat your heart out, Shinji and Kaji" Ikari
- - - - -
Rei "They say I'm too young for him but I don't care" Ayanami
- - - - -
Misato "Shouldn't this part be filled by Naoko and not me?" Katsuragi

and presenting:

The woman who gets all the bad stuff...
The doc whose tears could fill up a whole pool...
And practically, one of the few women who were born at the bad side of love...

Ritsuko "(as it says in the Weird Al song...) You don't love me anymore" Akagi

Featuring the song:

You Don't Love Me Anymore
by Weird Al Yankovich
(which is going to be sung by Ritsuko in the movie)

Introduction | The movie poster and the cast | You Don't Love Me Anymore

There's more to come, folks! I really hope you like them Gendou pics though.

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