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-By Kerinaty

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Raven's Shadow Wallpaper
-By Papergirl20

Blood Red Wallpaper
-By Papergirl20

Irvine's Complaint Wallpaper
-By Papergirl20

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Screenshots from the new Zoids commercial


Note: All these fics are posted on That way, it's easier for me to link to them AND hopefully the authors will get more reviews for their works. The fics are listed alphabetically by the author's pen name and then by title if the author has more than one fic. Sequels are listed directly after the story it comes after. Read and enjoy, and review too.

I've marked all the stories that may not be suitable for younger children using red text. If you are a young child and you read one of the stories I've marked and you are offended in some way, then you can't blame me because I've warned you.

How to be an evil bad guy on Zoids!
-By December
-PG, Humor/General
-The villains of Zoids will tell you how! It's that easy!

-By December
-G, Angst/Drama
-Raven's introspective POV on everything. Very short...actually it's more about the authoress feelings with people in real life and how much she is so pissed off with them. You just gotta love people with psychological problems. -.-;

Empty Soul
-By Demonix Kata
-PG-13, Romance/Drama
-Holding Fiona hostage isn't as easy a task as Raven thought it would be. Especially since he's falling in love with her.

A Day in the Life of Ambient
-By Duowolf/Biowolf
-PG, Humor
-Find out what Ambient's life and his relationships with Hiltz, Raven, Riece, and the other Organoids are like.

Flames of a Sniper
-By Duowolf/Biowolf
-PG-13, Drama/Romance
-A girl who prefers sniper Zoids helps out the Guardian Force by tracking their enemies, but meets her match when she runs into Hiltz.

How to write a Zoids fic
-By Duowolf/Biowolf
-PG, Humor
-Are you having trouble writing the perfect Zoids fic? Do you have writers block? If so, then this is the guide for you! You'll learn everything you need to know about writing Zoids stories!

The Not-So-Distant Stars
-By Duowolf/Biowolf
-PG-13, Drama/Angst
-Raven doesn't know why a certain red-haired man revived his Geno Saurer and gave it back to him. And the only way for him to find out is to ask.

Zoids: Fun with Phones
-By Duowolf/Biowolf
-R, Humor
-Check out all the things Zoid characters do with their phones!

Endless Rain
-By DragonWinlan
-G, Angst/Drama
-What if Leena and Bit did get together as a couple? What would Harry feel about it? This story is told in his Point of View and is a songfic.

Silent Jealousy
-By DragonWinlan
-R, Angst/Drama
-A songfic. Harry love for Leena goes unrequited and this drives him into madness...*WARNING* ATTEMPTS OF SUICIDE...Please don't try suicide...

Prophecy of the Zoids
-By Fire Fox
-PG-13, General/Romance
-An ancient prophecy has been evoked of Zi. What?! The only person who can save Zi is a girl with a major attitude problem. Its a battle of the sexes between her and Raven. Well, it was nice knowing Zi.

Something We Should Be
-By Makoto
-PG-13, Romance/Drama
-[Shounen Ai] Raven+Van and slight Irvine+Thomas. Can two rivals from different sides find love in one another?

-By naomi flugel
-G, Romance/Angst
-Zoids: Shinseiki fic. Thomas angst.

My Morphine
-By Naomi Hunter
-R, Romance/Fantasy
-ThomasxRaven Yaoi. Ch1 Takes place during epi: Cerberus then takes a major AU twist. Thomas goes onto the dark side. A conflict. Warnigns: YAOI read and review,please and flamers beware.

-By NeoJericho
-PG-13, Mystery/Action/Adventure
-After dual assassination attempts, the fragile peace between the Republic and the Empire begins to crumble. As Van, Thomas, Irvine, O'Connell, and others try to discover the truth, doubt and mistrust begin to take control over the land...

How Are You, Romeo?
-By Ninetails
-R, General/Romance
-Thomas decides to go to a friendly bar. A nice bar. If all this is so, what is Hiltz doing there? **CHAPTER 2:Yaoi-Hiltz/Thomas**

Born to Fly
-By OrangeGirlExplosion
-PG-13, Romance/Action/Adventure
-Set during Guardian Force. What if it had been Moonbay that picked up Raven instead of that dude in the white Gustav? What if they got closer than they intended to on the road? Will sparks fly or will someone die?

I Don't Care
-By Rinon Toros
-PG, General/Angst
-Irvine/Fiona. Crappy little Irvine angst, with some not-so-subtle hintings at another pairing.

Clashing Realities
-By Schala85
-PG-13, Humor/Humor
-Ever wonder what would happen if choice members of Chaotic Century and Zoids Zero were to meet? Here's your answer: chaos. Add two insane, all-power authoresses and you have a recipe for doom. Lots of laughs on the way too.

Night Striker
-By Schala85
-PG-13, Humor/Romance
-Lots of humor, little bit of action, little bit of Bit and (very little) Harry bashing, and a tiny bit of romance. Any Stigma Stoller fans out there? Just wondering...

Angel of Death
-By Shelly
-PG, Angst
-This is my Hiltz fic written specially for Biowolf! His thoughts as he's about to be destroyed by the Gravity Cannon.

Loyalties of the Heart
-By Shelly
-R, Romance/Action/Adventure
-Attention all fans of Colonel Shubaltz! A must read, as I think this is probably the first Shubaltz romance.

-By Shelly
-PG-13, Romance/Action/Adventure
-Here it is! The sequel to Loyalties of the Heart, which you must read first! More Karl and Tania and maybe V/F. And why does Hiltz want Tania dead?

The Most Precious Gift
-By Shelly
-PG, Romance/Action/Adventure
-Here by popular demand, it's my Thomas fic! Woo hoo! Thomas meets what may be the woman of his dreams, or his nightmares! What's this? She's a member of the Guardian Force?!

Shiro's evil Zoids Dating Service!
-By Shiro Amayagi
-PG, Humor/Romance
-Hey, a zoids dating service!!! You can have TONS of people, all seasons!!! I may even take special requests, but NO hentai, yaoi, or yuri. Enjoy!!!

Shiro's slightly insane Christmas Party
-By Shiro Amayagi
-PG, Humor/Romance
-Christmas party!!! Woohoo!!! The story's technically a Christmas present for some of the best Zoids authors I know. Flames are accepted. Enjoy!!!

Day of the Dead
-By Skeyeta
-PG-13, Romance/Angst
-A Halloween fic. Features Hiltz and Prozen. Explores their relationship with each other (one-sided yaoi).

Femme Sole
-By Skeyeta
-PG-13, Romance/Angst
-Moonbay had never expected it to happen and when it did she felt as if her heart was ripped out. She would never look at things in the same light. And so all she could do now was smile, bear it, and reflect at how Fate delt her a cruel hand.

Bloody Waltz
-By The Sh33p
-PG, General
-A rather... Different look into the sadistic, scheming mind of Hilz. Semi-dark, R&R, enjoy!

-By The Sh33p
-PG, Angst/General
-A look into the thoughts, motives, beliefs and hopes of Thomas Schubaltz. R&R, one shot, enjoy!

Graveyard Symphony
-By The Sh33p
-PG-13, Horror/Angst
-A darkly written, villainous look into the mind of Raven, the man fated to play the graveyard symphony at Van Fleiheit`s funeral. R&R, one shot, enjoy!

Hopeless Romantic
-By The Sh33p
-PG, Angst
-A whole new look into the angry psyche of Harry Champ, a man destined to be king... Semi-dark, enjoy!

Just A Kid
-By The Sh33p
-PG, Angst
-A unique look into the mind of Vega Obscura, just after his epic defeat at the hands of Bit Cloud. One shot, R&R, enjoy!

Mirror Image
-By The Sh33p
-G, Angst
-A look into the minds of Jamie Hameros. One shot, R&R, semi-dark, enjoy!

No Last Name
-By The Sh33p
-PG, General/Romance
-A new look behind the eyepatch of Irvine, the merc with no last name. R&R, enjoy!

Silver Lining
-By The Sh33p
-PG, General
-What makes Bit Cloud tick? Why is he the way he is and what makes him do what he does? One shot, R&R, enjoy!

Slug Slinger
-By The Sh33p
-PG, General
-A MOST unconventional look into the mind of everyone`s favorite sociopathic Gun Sniper pilot, Leena Tauros! R&R, one shot, enjoy!

-By The Sh33p
-PG, General
-Another rare look into another rarely used character, this time straight into the neglected eyes of Captain O'Connel. R&R, one shot, enjoy!

The Sane One
-By The Sh33p
-G, General/Angst
-A look into the overly dedicated mind of Leon Tauros...

Transporter of the Wastelands
-By The Sh33p
-PG, Angst/Romance
-A look behind the eyes of Moonbay, everyone`s favorite Zoid trucker!

Spectral's insane and VERY evil Zoids Show
-By Spectral
-PG-13, Humor
-Mix Spectral, characters from all three zoids series, and a studio audence and what do you get? That's right, complete and total insanity.

Feeding the Fury
-By Zinou
-R, Horror/Drama
-Backdraft struggles to deal with the Berserk Fury. WHY had it been buried beneath the sea? After a hellacious chain of events, Brad is captured, and forced to be the BF's pilot! CC -> NC/0 links!

-By Zinou
-PG-13, Drama
-When Bit first joined the Blitz team, Brad didn't really like him. What if, instead of warming up to Bit, Brad continued to spurn him? And that dislike -- grew into hatred? Is all that really matters the "prize money"?

The Element of One
-By Zinou
-R, Horror/Drama
-[Updated 12/30!] R for language/violence. NC/0 fic, 4th/series. The saying goes, 'those who don't learn from the past, are doomed to repeat it'. So in a time where a society's roots've been long forgotten, what lies on the horizon? Full summary inside..

The Raven's Shadow
-By Zinou
-PG, Drama
-Shadow's loyalty to Raven knows no bounds. A brief look at what happened in "The Nightmare" from Shadow's POV...

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