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Backdraft HQ

Welcome to Backdraft Headquarters, where Zoids rule all. Here you will find everything that has to do with the anime Zoids New Century Zero.
Update: June 28, 2003: I'm back now, and I have been working on Zoids Evo.
I'm asking anyone who's willing to write an analysis on a character (don't worry about Hiltz. I've got him covered), which should include the character's history and personality. Also, I want to include a couples section on Zoids Evo, so if anyone wants to they can write an analysis on a couple (possibility of them getting together, how well they would work together, ect.), and it can be ANY couple, whether it be boyxgirl, boyxboy, or girlxgirl.

Here is a good example of a character analysis

-Zoids Evolution is almost ready for it to be opened officially.

I guess the petition is still needed, since CN has randomly decided to remove Zoids CC from their schedule. I suppose they want to run through the Buu Saga of DBZ one more time before hopefully airing Zoids.

Zoids Evolution Forums

I adopted Hiltz!! Isn't he cute? *cuddles Hiltz*

-this is my new top sites list

Partner site: Red River Base

All the screenshots on this site are free for you to use. Just credit me and put a link to my site. I'm leaving it up to you to be honest enough to live up to my request.

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