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About Me

Name: Duowolf, aka Biowolf

Age: 16

Gender: Female (yes, I'm a girl, not a "dude" as some people like to call me in e-mails)

Location: Somewhere in the state known as Florida, which I refer to as "the really hot place"

Favorite Zoids Chaotic Century character: Hiltz, and then Thomas, Karl, and Raven

Favorite Zoids Zero character: Vega

Favorite Zoid: Konig Wolf

Current Fav. Site: Uh, I guess that would be

Current Fav. Video Game: Digimon World 3

Other anime that I like besides Zoids: Escaflowne, Pokemon, Digimon, Gundam Wing, and Yugioh

Other sites that I work for: Zoids Circuits, part of

Things that you may want to know before contacting me: I don't do RPGs.

^Don't steal these banners. They're mine, not your's.^

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