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Zeonic Front Game Review

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Zeonic Front is a Great Game. It is easy to learn the controls and not to hard to begin with.Even though it is not a 2-Player game it still has a great menu to choose from.The levels are great and there is a Moblie Suit menu where you can choose you team and the Suit that character will use.You are also able to choose weapons and "Support options and the amount being able to carry will gain and so will your "Supports."All in all it is a great game.There is even a what you may call a sequel (Journey to Jaburo) which you play the other team(The enemy you fight in the game)were you will be able to play as "Gundam,""GunTank,"and"Other suits.I would rate this game a 8.0 out of 10.

Zeonic Front: Journey to Jaburo: G-Gundam Series

If you fans out there have been watching the G-Gundam show you should know the Writers are brillant.G-Gundam is excited put wierdly has a good plot.Domon Kasshu and Gundam team are fighting to Save the world from Devil Gundam. The twisted in the story is that Domon's brother is the one using the Devil Gundam moblie suit. He has to save the world , but it is his own brother.Watch and Find out what happens on G-GUNDAM!!!

Gundam Shows

All the shows these guys make are all good.So if you haven't seen any of the listed make sure you find a way!!!
  1. Mobile Suit Gundam
  2. The 08th Team
  3. Gundam 0080
  4. Gundam 0083

Gundam Movies

Here are some Gundam Wing Movies everyone should check out!!!
      Endless Walts     Gundam Wing