Author: Iíll warn you again, there may be rape in later chapters but there will be absolutely NO rape of children. That is all.

Sugae Ė Shizen exclamation for joy or excitement.



Chapter 6



10.19.## continued . . .

It was the worst moment of my life up to that point.

We were trapped on Earth with the most ruthless and bloodthirsty fighters in the universe, while the warriors that should have been protecting us were trapped in Hell.

And those villains had only one thing on their minds.


And having the children of the warriors that had defeated them before, alone and defenseless, suited them nicely for that purpose.

It doesnít get any worse than that. Or at least, so I thought at the time.

While we were in trouble on Earth, the ones that had been taken were about to receive some help from an old friend . . .



The dead are walking now

They have come out to play

With our lives as the toys

How will we survive?



"I think," said Piccolo slowly, "that this is Hell."

"Youíre right," said a voice from behind them. "This is Hell. And you donít belong here."

The whole group whirled around to find themselves staring at a familiar friendly face.

"Goku!" cried out Bulma.

"Hi guys!" greeted Goku cheerfully. On his shoulder a red yuudragon chirped a greeting as well. It was Skorch, who had decided to follow his human partner into the afterlife.

"Dad!" Goten ran forward, giving his father a huge hug and upsetting Skorch. "Boy am I glad to see you!"

"So am I!" replied Goku, patting his son on the back as he pulled away.

"Now that youíre done with your greetings, would you mind starting the explaining? You confirmed this was Hell. So what are you doing down here?" asked Piccolo.

"King Kai sensed a disturbance on Earth and through his senses, we saw Shenlong fall and then you guys being sucked into that hole. King Kai told me you were here and sent me to fetch you guys."

Before Goku could continue, he was interrupted by a wail of disbelief. It was Dr. Aleks. "You people canít be serious! This place canít possibly be real! Thereís no such thing as Hell, or Heaven! I refuse to be taken in by your silly beliefs!"

"Oh wake up!" snapped Bulma. "Hell exists and weíre stuck in it! So just deal with it!"

"What I would like to know is why the rift took us here," wondered Kya. "And what caused that rift to form in the first place."

Videl suddenly turned to Dr. Aleks and lifted her up by the lapels of her jacket. "This is your fault, isnít it? You tampered with the Dragonballs, didnít you?"

Gohan placed a hand on his wifeís arm, lowering it and the scientist she clutched in her grasp. "Hey, calm down Videl. We wonít get any answers out of her that way."

Trunks approached them, his eyes on Dr. Aleks. "So are you going to tell us what you did? Or do we have to force it out of you?"

Glancing around, Dr. Aleks began to worry about her life as she realized everyoneís eyes were on her and they were not exactly joy-filled eyes. For the first time ever, she feared for her life. Backing away a little, she said, "I hunted down the Dragonballs and figured a way to extract some energy from them to analyze. Thatís what I do. Iím a scientist."

Abruptly, Dr. Aleksí head whipped to the side. Bulma had slapped her. "Iím a scientist too but I still know when to draw the line."

Piccolo nodded in thought. "It makes sense. Stealing energy from the Eternal Dragon would make it too weak to grant the wish Ali Mystic asked of him. When Shenlong attempted to, he caused a rip between the dimensions. That was the rift."

"That girl was right. You are a bitch." In a blur of movement, Vegeta had reached the scientistís side and grasping her by the throat, lifted her above his head. "I should finish what she tried to do."

"Knock it off! We donít have time to deal with her now. We have to get going. Youíre needed on Earth," explained Goku, his countenance deadly serious.

"Whatís that supposed to mean? Explain yourself Kakarott," demanded Vegeta, roughly dropping Dr. Aleks. She looked back up, glaring indignantly but he ignored her.

Suddenly, Goku seemed rather reluctant to talk. "Well, uh, you see, uh, you werenít the only ones to travel that rift."

"Werenít the only ones? Who else could have gone through the rift?" asked Videl.

Realization began to dawn on Gohan as he started to figure it out. "Weíre in Hell, so it must be people from Hell. Those hands. The hands that grabbed us. It was them. They pulled us in as they escaped."

Bulma caught on. "But why would they pull us in? Unless . . . they knew who we are. And what you guys can do . . ."

"Those hands went straight for us, the strong fighters," pointed out Sixteen. "They must be fighters youíve defeated in the past."

"The rest of us were pulled in by accident," added Videl.

"But theyíre so many weíve defeated in the past that could have gone to Hell. Who exactly escaped?" asked Krillin, worry marring his features.

All faces turned to Goku, who sweatdropped. "Goku," said Kya, her voice all too calm, "who exactly pulled us into Hell and escaped to Earth?"

"You know, we should really get going," began Goku.

"Just answer the question Kakarott!" yelled Vegeta.

Staring into all their faces, Goku finally answered. "Cell. Frieza. And King Kold."

At hearing the names, Kyaís knees weakened and she grabbed Piccoloís arms to stay upright. None of the others took it well either. Piccolo and Vegeta looked aghast, Bulma had fallen to her knees, Krillin, Gohan, and Videl were as pale as ghosts, and Goten and Trunks were gaping. Even Sixteen looked a little horrified. Dr. Aleks stood off to the side, trying to make sense of what she was hearing. She was still partly in denial of where she was.

"Thatís not all," added Goku. "Cooler, Captain Ginyu, and Dr. Gero escaped as well."

Piccoloís strength was the only thing keeping Kya upright. Bulma and Krillin looked as if they were going to be sick. Sixteen voiced what they were all thinking. "Eighteen is all by herself, with Marron and the other children with her."

Vegeta pulled Bulma back onto her feet and stepped towards Goku. "Then what are we waiting for? Lead the way Kakarott."



Meanwhile, with the people they were just discussing . . .



The entire Lookout was completely silent as the occupants stared each other down. On one side, the good guys: Dende, Mr. Popo, Eighteen, Marron, Pendril, Lidal, Bra, Pan, and Ali Mystic. On the other side, their worst enemies: Cell, Frieza, King Kold, Cooler, Captain Ginyu, and Dr. Gero. Dr. Gero was the one who spoke first, breaking the silence.

"So you know who we all are but who are all of you? I recognize Number 18, of course, but the rest of you arenít registered in my databank."

"Thatís none of your business," replied Eighteen.

"Fine then. When we kill you, weíll leave you in unmarked graves, since you wonít do us the courtesy of telling us your names," announced Frieza, his voice as snooty and feminine as it was before his death.

Ali Mysticís heart missed a beat at the word Ďkillí. I knew it. Weíre in big trouble. How did I get myself into this mess! And how do I get out!

"Lord Frieza, why should we even bother with these small fry?" asked Captain Ginyu.

"We should just destroy the planet and be done with it," commented King Kold.

"They are friends of Earthís Special Forces and therefore are punishable by association," announced Cell.

These guys canít be serious! thought Ali Mystic. She stepped back, placing Bra behind her, although how she could possible protect her she had no idea. Abruptly Pan stepped away from the twins and pushed her way in front of Ali before she could react. "Pan! Donít!" Ali hissed warningly as she made a grab for her but it was too late.

Pan stood proudly before them. "I wouldnít threaten us, you creeps! My daddy defeated you before and he can do it again."

Marron roughly grabbed Pan and pulled her back but the damage had already been done. Cell and the others had comprehended her remark. If anything, their grins grew more sinister.

"So," said Cell slowly. "Your Ďdaddyí is Gohan. That would make Goku your grandfather. My, how the years fly when youíre dead."

"This definitely makes things much more interesting," remarked Cooler.

The look Eighteen gave Pan couldíve killed. Frieza studied them all carefully. "That must mean these other children are offspring of the Earth warriors as well. The blue-haired one is obviously Saiyan so I would guess sheís Vegetaís. Never thought that arrogant Prince would breed." Bra stiffened at the comment. "The green ones look similar to the Namek but I could have sworn that species was asexual."

Ginyu licked his lips suggestively. "Iíd like to find out just how non-asexual they are."

Ali Mystic felt she was going to be sick as she realized what Ginyuís remark meant. Dende and Mr. Popo moved closer to the twins, unwilling to let Ginyu carry out his threat. Pendril and Lidal looked at each other, equally frightened and confused. They didnít completely understand what Ginyu had meant.

That was the last straw for Eighteen. She had had enough. "You wonít get that chance, you sick bastard. Iíll make sure of it."

"And just what do you think you can do to me?"

Pushing Marron gently to the side, Eighteen settled into a fighting stance. "Why donít you come find out?"

Cracking his knuckles, Ginyu stepped away from the others, eager for a fight. "Donít underestimate her, Ginyu. Sheís an android and much stronger than she looks," warned Dr. Gero.

"So sheís a machine. I can still beat her. And without any of your help," retorted Ginyu.

With that said, Ginyu settled into a fighting stance across from Eighteen. Worrying for their safety, Dende and Mr. Popo quickly herded Ali Mystic and the children behind some rumble that still remained upon the Lookout. Marron quickly grabbed a spot where she could keep an eye on her mother, worried for her. Noticing, Ali Mystic took one of her hands in hers, startling the young teen. Ali gave Marron a reassuring look and then they turned to watch the fighters.

Eighteen and Captain Ginyu were still facing each other, seemingly sizing the other one. At some hidden signal, the two fighters disappeared to only reappear in the middle where they met and began exchanging blows. Ali Mystic watched with abated breath as they moved so fast that she could only catch glimpses of the fighters. Despite her fear, she couldnít help being fascinated. It was like the anime show come to life.

In the air, Eighteen had taken a final assessment of her opponent. He was strong but he wasnít nearly as powerful as a Super Saiyan. With that in mind, she stepped it up to a pace that Ginyu couldnít keep up with. Before he could register what was happening, she lashed out, striking his abdomen and head, leaving him slightly disoriented. Realizing she was stronger than she seemed, Ginyu tried to keep up, dodging a head blow but wound up getting one of his black horns broken off by her fist instead.

The look on his face when he realized what happened was priceless. Eighteen couldnít help but smirk. Ginyu didnít find it so funny. "Youíll pay for that bitch!" he snarled.

"I donít think so," replied Eighteen. She continued to throw out punches that Ginyu tried to block but didnít quite manage. Without warning she spun around, confusing him, and gave a swift kick to his arm, effectively breaking it. Howling in pain, Ginyu backed off but Eighteen went after him. Grabbing his uninjured arm, she began spinning as she picked up speed, keeping a hold of his arm. Using all her strength, she threw him at great velocity towards the Lookout, where he landed with a bone-crushing crash.

Taking a deep breath, Eighteen powered up and sent an immense blast to where Ginyu lay. Ali Mystic was forced to look away lest she be blinded by the brightness of it. When the blast had dissipated, Eighteen floated back down to the ground near where Dende, Mr. Popo, Ali Mystic, and the children were hiding. Ali squeezed Marronís hand as they exchanged glances. Maybe they would live through this after all.

Suddenly Eighteen heard a noise and turned towards the crater she had made in the Lookout. Anymore severe damage, like the Eternal Dragon falling or big energy blasts, and the Lookout would crumble under their feet. But what had really caught her attention was movement in the crater. It canít be she thought.

Before the groupís shocked eyes, Ginyu appeared, walking out of the crater. Eighteen gasped and involuntarily stepped back. "That-thatís impossible! That blast should have killed you!"

"You canít kill whatís already dead," replied Ginyu, enjoying the shock and fear on their faces. He certainly looked dead, with his left arm and leg distorted by the broken bones in them and his skin covered with burns and blood.

Off to the side, the rest of the evil undead were grinning with malice. "Guess we forgot to mention that little fact," said Frieza as his companions chuckled around him.

I want out of this nightmare thought Ali Mystic as she watched, horrified, while Ginyu unemotionally popped all his bones back into place.

Eighteen sweated nervously, unsure of how she was going to get herself and the rest out of this situation. How was she supposed to defeat a foe that was already dead? What she needed was help from the Z warriors but they werenít here. She could try to wish them back but Shenlong needed to heal first, which would take who knows how long. She had to buy some time, until then. Which meant they should hide somewhere, away from these goons.

Ginyu, meanwhile, was puffed up with arrogance, despite his appearance. "Whatís the matter, Blondie? Scared?"

Ignoring him, Eighteen glanced back at all the small faces watching her, one of which was her daughter. The problem with fleeing was that the undead brigade would pursue them and she didnít think the children could outfly them. Staring at Dende, she could see that he was thinking the same thoughts as her and had come to the same conclusion.

"Hey! Iím talking to you! Stop ignoring me!" cried Ginyu as he came up behind Eighteen.

Without moving the rest of her body, Eighteen threw just her arm back, backhanding Ginyu all the way across the Lookout. "Learn some patience. Iíll deal with you when Iíll deal with you."

Eyes still locked with Dende, Eighteen watched as he nodded, then turned around to defend herself as Ginyu came charging back at her like a mad bull. Dende, meanwhile, turned back to the others only to find them all staring at Pendril and Lidal, who were kneeling, hands clasped in each otherís, a slight glow surrounding them. They were talking to the Earth. But why?

Ali Mystic in particular was staring at the twins in bewilderment. "What are they doing?"

Marron tried to explain. "Theyíre communicating with their grandmother, the Earth. I think theyíre trying to ask for her for help."


Dende shook his head. "We donít have time for this now. We need to get out of here."

"And how do we do that?" asked Marron. "Youíre all good flyers but Iím not so sure you could outfly those guys."

Pushing aside her confusion and questions, Ali Mystic returned her attention to the present. She saw Dende glance at the fighting Eighteen and then back at them. With a start she realized what that meant. "Oh no. No way. It wonít work."

"Thereís nothing else we can do. Eighteen knows that," said Dende.

"What is it?" asked Pan.

"He wants us to flee while Eighteen fends them off to keep anyone from chasing us," explained Ali.

"No! We canít leave my mom behind!" cried Marron.

"We have no choice," replied Dende.

"And Iím telling you it wonít work! Eighteen canít fight all six of them at once, not by herself!" yelled Ali.

"She wonít have to," interrupted a voice. It was Pendril. He and Lidal had finished whatever they were doing. His remark confused them all.

"What do you mean?" asked Mr. Popo.

"Krechi is sending us help so we can all get away, including Marronís mom," answered Pendril.

"Krechi?" asked Ali Mystic, who felt slightly lost.

"Grandmother," translated Lidal.

"Oh." Ali Mystic was really beginning to feel a little overwhelmed and out of place. Why the hell did I agree to travel back to the past?

"Am I interrupting something?" asked a cold voice.

The rest of them jumped as Bra screamed, for there standing before them was the tall green and black form of Cell. They all scrambled to their feet as he watched, an amused little smirk playing on his face. He probably enjoys scaring people like that thought Ali Mystic, observing the smirk.

"Whatís it to you?" retorted Pan, putting up her fists.

Cell looked down at the little black-haired child standing before him. Ali Mystic trembled, fearing what he would do.

"Well, arenít you a brave little child. Rude, but brave."

Before anyone could blink, there was a flash shadow of movement from behind Cell and then suddenly a green tail had wrapped around Pan and lifted her into the air. Marron gasped and Ali Mystic looked dumbfounded. I forgot he had a tail.

Cell grinned wickedly as Pan struggled against the grip the tail had on her. "Let me go, you creep!"

Cell tightened his hold as he laughed. "Now why would I want to do that? The child of Gohan should give me a nice energy boost."

Pan cried out in pain as the tip of Cellís tail stabbed into her shoulder and began draining her life away. But he had barely started before he received a painful double blow to the chest, knocking him back and nearly making him loose his hold on Pan.

"What the Ė?" He looked up to find himself facing two nearly identical green faces wearing matching expressions of anger.

"You forgot about us," began Pendril, landing a hard kick to his abdomen.

"Weíre the children of Piccolo," continued Lidal, landing another kick in his side.

"And youíre hurting our friend!" finished the twins together, delivering powerful punches to Cellís head.

The last blows did him in as Cell crashed to the ground, his tail unfurling and releasing Pan. Marron and Ali Mystic quickly leapt in and pulled Pan away to safety as Cell sat up, holding his head in his hands. He looked up, a murderous gleam in his eyes. Pendril and Lidal exchanged glances, gulping.

Cell flew into the air, ready to give those brats the pounding of their lives. Without warning a red blur streaked by the twins, speeding straight at Cell, screeching as it began its attack. Cell put up his hands in defense as the red mini-dragon clawed fiercely at his face.

"Itís Embyr!" cried Lidal.

Hearing shrieks, the group whirled to find a rather hope inspiring sight. Three rather large dragons of various colors were swooping down from the sky, shrieking their fury as they attacked in earnest. Flaming with their deadly fire breath, they went after Captain Ginyu, King Kold, Frieza, Cooler, and Gero. Ali Mystic blinked and rubbed her eyes, then blinked some more. Whatís going on? If I didnít know any better, Iíd say those were dragons!

Pendril pumped his fist into the air. "Sugae! And Byrn and Niko and Zek! They made it!"

Ali Mystic stared. "This is the help your grandmother sent?"

The twins nodded. Under Embyrís attacks, Cell was maneuvered into rejoining his companions, where the three larger dragons continued their attacks, not letting up an inch. Once she got over her surprise, Eighteen retreated back to rejoin Marron and the others.

"Who invited the fire breaths over there?" asked Eighteen, indicating the dragons.

"The twins, of course," answered Marron. "They didnít want you to sacrifice yourself, Mom."

Eighteen couldnít help but give a small smile. "All right then. Letís get going while we still can."

Marron took her motherís hand while the twins stepped up beside Ali Mystic. "We can carry you together Ali," announced Pendril.

"Hold on a sec! Iíve got a better idea!" yelled Mr. Popo.

Suddenly there was a loud roar and the whole group whirled in time to see the orange dragon, Zek, flying straight towards them. Only it wasnít under his own propulsion. His landing was not pretty, as he knocked them all away. Ali Mystic landed with a thud at the edge of the Lookout and looked up in time to see Marron fly past her, over the edge.

Ali Mystic reached out and grabbed Marronís hand but the force of her falling pulled Ali over the edge as well. Before sliding completely past, Ali barely grabbed on a hold. Seconds flew as Ali strained to keep a hold onto Marron and the edge of the Lookout. She felt a sense of déjà vu as they hung there. Why am I always trying to save everyone? I should leave it to the real heroes.

"Help! Mom! Zek! Help!" shouted Marron in desperation.

Suddenly a figure loomed over them. It was Cooler. "Iím afraid your mother is a little busy right now, as well as your other friends. I could help you, if you like."

Despite her position, Ali Mystic glared fiercely at the creature looking down at her. "I donít think so."

"Then I guess youíll just have to fall to your deaths." Cooler raised his strange three talon foot but before he could stomp on Aliís hand, out of nowhere came Eighteen, leaping at him. "Stay away from MY DAUGHTER!"

As Eighteen began laying into Cooler, Ali Mystic felt her fingers slip. Ali was too shocked to scream as she and Marron began to fall. Marron, however, was screaming quite shrilly. And someone heard. Ali saw a streak of orange and then found herself rising into the air, with Marron sitting in front of her. Looking down, all she saw was a mass of bright orange scales and two flapping wings, with endless blue sky beyond that. Ali looked up in a panic to find Marron grinning at her.

"Itís all right Ali! Zek saved us!"

Ali Mystic looked beyond Marron to see a pair of great ivory horns attached to an equally great head. The head swiveled around to reveal huge teeth and one of itís emerald eyes. As Ali Mystic stared, the eye winked at her before the head swiveled back around. Ali Mystic shook her head, slipped her arms around Marron, and squeezed her legs tighter around her position, where the neck and shoulders of the dragon met.

Without warning, Eighteen plopped down in front of Marron. "Good. Youíre alright. Itís time to leave."

Ali Mystic glanced back to see the undead goons chasing them. "But how?"

"Mr. Popo says the dragons can teleport us away, like Gokuís instant transmission," explained a voice from several feet away. It was Dende. He and Bra and Mr. Popo were riding upon the dark blue dragon, Niko. Beside them was the green dragon Byrn, with Pendril, Lidal, and Pan upon itís back, and Embyr latched onto itís horns.

Ali Mystic blinked but did not question his knowledge. Instead she asked, "What about the Dragonballs?"

"Theyíll be fine! No one will be able to make a wish until Shenlong is healed."

Ali Mystic was still worried but King Kold and the others were closing in. "Alright then. Letís get going."

"But where should we go?" asked Eighteen. "Cell knows about Kame House and Gero knows about Chichiís place and they both know about Capsule Corp."

"I know a place!" shouted Pendril. Leaning forward, he whispered into Byrnís ear. Letting out a shriek, Byrn took point, leading the other two as he trilled to them.

"Pendril, what did you tell him! Pendril!" yelled Marron.

There was a strange whoosh! of air and then abruptly, the three large yuudragons and their passengers disappeared. The undead brigade halted in their tracks, looking at each other in confusion.

It was a great distance away where the yuudragons appeared. At first glance, it looked to be the middle of nowhere. But then Ali Mystic spotted a familiar nest atop a nearby cliff. "You told him to take us to the pterodactyls!"

Pendril nodded. Bra peered from her spot between Dende and Mr. Popo. "But why? Why not your place?"

"The dragons used a lot of energy today. Morphing their size, fighting, flaming, teleporting. Theyíll have to return to the Earth soon to rejuvenate for quite sometime. Staying here, I figure Toby and Dona can be lookouts for us when weíre resting."

"Good idea Pendril," complimented Dende.

"Way to go Pendril!" Marron cheered. Pendril blushed.

As the dragons descended to the cliff top and were greeted by the pterodactyls, Ali Mystic couldnít help feeling a little lost again as well as very worried. They couldnít hide forever. And what would they do when they were discovered? They needed a plan. In the meantime, she had several questions burning through her mind. And she couldnít put off asking them any longer. She needed answers now.



Thanks to those rather unusual dragons, we had gotten away. And no one had been harmed. I could hardly believe it. But our luck would not last . . .

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