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     Welcome to HUGS & KISSES: a Wufei lovers shrine,
version 3 point.... um... something or other... I've lost count
of how many versions of H & K there has been so far !
I am Bee-chan, and if you haven't figured it out yet,
this site is dedicated the ever-loverly and ever-justice seeking,
CHANG WUFEI! Whhhy? you ask? Cuz in my eyes, he's a
beautiful god who must've lost his god-hood and was sent here
to earth for all us to worship and drool over =3!
Wufei: **BLUSH!!** Geez, Bee! I'm not THAT good!
Bee: The heck you aren't! **goes chibi and glomps him!** Yer de
bestest of them all!
Wufei: ACKK! Get it off of me!
Bee: Heee! **big dopey smile**

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June 20, 2003 - Ow ow ow... my lung HUURTS!! geh... having
pneumonia sucks...

Anyway, thankies to Hee-chan, there is another new 5x2 fic
in the fiction gallery, called "Remember"! All nice and angsty like!
It gives us all another reason to want to cuddle and comfort
our Wu-bear and Duo! **wibbles!**


....wait for it...

a new addition to the Wall `o Flames **now with our background singer,
the self-proclaimed god of jrock, GACKT! Singing his hit disaster that we
all know and love so much, "To Feel the Fire!"**.

**crumples in pain**



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Hajime Yadate, Yoshiyuki Tomino, and Koichi Tokita.
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