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Full Name:.project//SANGATSU; Project Sangatsu
Name Meaning:Project "Third Month"; Project "March"
Also Known By: Sangatsu
Various other handles which piss him off (Usually from Shichi)
Former Name:Ramus Luca Branch
Race:Cyborg / Jinzoku
Age:323 years, approx. Appears too be early mid-twenties.
Weight:250-300 lbs. (looks much lighter)
Hair Color:Dark mahogany brown
Eye Color:Emerald green
Hometown:Kingdom of Banquet, Australis
Father:Aspen Branch
Mother:Blume Branch
Alignment:Chaotic Good
Birthday:Gaios 28 (March 28)
Zodiac Sign:Aries
Birthstone:Aquamarine, Bloodstone
Blood Type:O+
Personality Type:ISTP
Favorite animal:Tigers. Rawr.
Favorite food:Steaks of all sorts. Mmm. Some shrimp with that and Sanny's in heaven.
Favorite color:Green and black
Favorite gemstone:Emerald
Weapon(s): Narthasil (Elvish Broadsword)
Ilúvala Navë (Longbow)
Ruun Ignas (Elven Knife)
Likes:Acquiring lore, magic, and money. Lots of it.
Dislikes:Idiots, bigots, and bounty hunters.
Powers:Magic, Limited Ki Usage, Illusionism
Primary Element:Spirit Shamansim
Secondary Element:Fire Shamanism
Intermediate Element:Black Magic
Theme Song:eX Dream (X/1999 TV)
Rank / Position: Fearless Second-in-Command
Captain and Pilot of Shieldbreaker

Magic Spells and Enchantments
~ Compounding. Due at a later date.

Special Notes
- Ditto.

Special Abilities
~ Unlimited Energy Source
~ Enhanced Healing Process
~ High Magic Capacity
~ Energy Absorption
~ Technological Enhancements
~ Lambda Boost
~ Mental Focus
~ Advanced Eyesight

Personal Talents and Skills
- Swordsmanship (he excels; arguably the best amongst his siblings)
- Instant Levitation (no chant for Levitation needed. Also works with other simple spells)
- Illusion
- Flowarian Lore
- Magic Lore

Feats and Accomplishments
~ Personally ruined Aula Lambda and reclaimed the Third Volume of the Deimos Bible (The Red Bible).
~ Accredited with numerous cases of widespread property damage and/or destruction.
~ Was voted 'Most Destructive' in the Fourth Anom class at The Magic Guild of Deimophied in Banquet.

- Project Rokugatsu (Older Brother)
- Project Nigatsu (Older Brother)
- Project Kugatsu (Older Brother)
- Project Ichigatsu (Younger Brother)
- Project Gogatsu (Younger Sister)
- Project Shichigatsu (Younger Sister)
- Project Jugatsu (Younger Sister)
- Project Shigatsu (Younger Brother)
- Project Hachigatsu (Younger Brother)
- Project Juichigatsu (Younger Sister)
- Project Junigatsu (Younger Brother)

Tag Lines - Quotes

"... I'm sorry. Were you waiting for me to give a damn?"

"Sadly, I excel at your game!"

"Even though there's a light at the end of the tunnel, there is often a long, dark journey before reaching it..."

"Orcs... I hate orcs."

"Don't call me unattractive, washboard-chest!"

"You are hereby on trial for the charges of disturbing the peace, corrupting the morals of society, and crimes against humanity. How do you plea, you son of a bitch?"

"Only in death will my loyalty be broken."

Interview With the Android
-Not to be confused with "Interview With the Vampire"-

Soja: "Konnichiwa! I am here today to interview the android Sangatsu on himself, various insights to life, and choice in curtain colors. Sangatsu?"

Sang: "I'm not an android."

Soja: "Er, come again?"

Sang: "I'm not an android."


Soja: *Sweatdrops* "Okay, what are you then?"

Sang: "Contrary to what most people would assume, I am a cyborg, not an android."

Soja: ".... Okaaaaaay... what's the difference?"

Sang: "The difference is that I was once 'normal.'"

Soja: *Looking at paper* "It says here that your name is 'Project Sangatsu.' That can't be your real name, can it?"

Sang: "Maybe, maybe not.... does it matter?"

Soja: "Well... not really. But I would really like to know!"

Sang: "... that's too bad, because that's the only name I can remember."

Soja: "Aw crap! Oh well... the least you could tell is what your name means. I mean, 'Sangatsu?' What is that?"

Sang: "I could say the same about your name."

Soja: "Hey!"

Sang: "Roughly, it means 'third month,' or 'March'..."

Soja: *Shuffling papers* "Okay, what's a Jinzoku?"

Sang: *Chuckles once* "A Jinzoku. That's what I am, or was. You could say the race is an ancestral race to the infamous Saiyajin race of former Planet Plant. Where your race was one of bloodthirsty baboons, mine is one of some intellect and civilization. We never quite had the ki capacity of the Saiyajin race, and that's just fine because we can use magic instead."

Soja: *Looking hurt* "The Saiyajin weren't that bad..."

Sang: "You and a few others may be the exception..."

Soja: *Puffs* "Anyway, can you tell me where the Jinzoku live?"

Sang: "On a planet called Flowar. If you decide to vacation there, don't expect to see many; we're a dying race. Only about 6000 are left because of war, anarchy, and inflation."

Soja: "Gee, you speak awfully calmly for one whose race is about to be pushed off the edge of the universe."

Sang: "Do I look like I care?"

Soja: "Not really."

Sang: "Good. Next question."

Soja: *Sighs* "So, what's your goal in life?"

Sang: "Controlling the Saiyajin population. It seems to have boomed over the last year or so."

Soja: *A little uneasy* "Really? *Smugly* And who created you to do that?"

Sang: "That's a secret."

Soja: "... ... ... ..."

Sang: "... ... ... are we finished yet?"

Soja: "Er, no. *Shuffles papers* Your age isn't on the resumé. Why?"

Sang: "My memory was wiped when I was made a cyborg. How should I know?"

Soja: *Puffs* "Well I thought you could at least tell by your own looks."

Sang: "How old do you think I am?"

Soja: "23."

Sang: "Then that's how old I am. Next. Question."

Soja: *Growing impatient* "... any OTHERS like you?"

Sang: "... eleven others. Twelve of us in all."

Soja: *Falls over* "ELEVEN OTHERS?!"

Sang: *Remains calm and silent*

Soja: *Rights himself* "Well, can you tell me who they are?"

Sang: "Ask my sister."

Soja: "And that is...?"

Sang: "Shichigatsu."

Soja: *Writes something down* "Okay. We're almost finished, Sang!"

Sang: *Emotionless* "Whoop-dee-doo."

Soja: "Last question. Could you compete with a Saiyajin warrior?"

Sang: "Easily."

Soja: *Glares* "Well, that's all the time we have for today, kids! If you're interested in learning more about Sangatsu or his kin, e-mail either me at or my confidant Crysta at Until next time, ja ne!"

Background Information

Always having been the no-nonsense type when approaching a serious situation, Sangatsu has established himself firmly as the Project Team's brute force and second-in-command. As his element, fire shamanism, would indicate, Sangatsu can get a bit hot under the collar when his fuse is lit. His temper is explosive; his retribution, swift. Over the years, he has managed to develop a longer fuse, ergo, more patience.

... And, with the kind of family life Sangatsu has, patience is a virtue.

Sangatsu doesn't bother candy coating the facts. He likes to be straightforward in all his dealings. Most of his diplomatic negotiations come down to a "yes" or "no" question. Considering the fact that his younger sister, Shichigatsu -- the established ground leader of the group -- isn't very diplomatic herself, it is safe to surmise that this results in much violence. Sad as though it may be, that often proves to be the most effective way to deal with things.

A little over three centuries ago, Sangatsu, a Jinzoku, went by Ramus Luca Branch, son of Aspen Branch and Blume Branch. Ever since a young age, Sangatsu has shown a particular quality of fierce determination and iron valor. Since there were relatively few Jinzoku left on Flowar, wasting great potential like the Branch children would be a shame. When living at home in the Banquetian countryside, Sangatsu took his magic tutoring from a traveling sorcerer who stopped by the town on occasion. Ramus self-taught himself his own brand of swordplay, and from here young Ramus continued to hone his abilities in both sword and sorcery.

Flowar's history, tragically, is steeped in tragedy.

Around the time that Ramus was fourteen, Aspen Branch, his father and the father of all his siblings, was killed in a raid staged by revenging Jaheiran soldiers. As the family was escaping the burning village they once called home, they found themselves persued by mounted soldiers. Knowing that they would overtake the small cart in a hurry, Aspen gave his children's mother one sorry look and dismounted. His actions cost him his own life, but in exchange they bought the ones of his surviving family from Death itself.

Left in the care of the Peridot Orphanage by Blume Branch-Pathfinder, wanting a better life for her children than the lone former-rogue could possibly provide for twelve, Ramus found himself and his eleven siblings essentially alone in the world. Picking up the pieces of his life that remained, the then-fourteen year-old son of Aspen took on a sort of fatherly figure towards his siblings. While the three elder than him took outside jobs to support the family -- the orphanage, basically -- Ramus tended to his younger siblings. This caused him to mature quickly. The caretaker of the orphanage, Lucia, bade that Ramus should continue his studies in sorcery at the prestigious Magic Guild of Deimophied.

Finding that he couldn't resist, he went ahead and took Lucia up on her offer.

Usually, only the rich, priveliged, or prolific ever get into the Magic Guild of Deimophied. Then, the ones that graduate are the ones worthy of being called 'Flowar's finest sorcerers.' Ramus found himself alone, a lone country boy in the center of the hustle and bustle of Banquet City. Ramus always had a melancholy sorrow about him when simply thinking about loneliness. The fact that his family was broken up at such an early age probably lends to this, but he keeps it hidden away until he's alone.

Since the beginning, Ramus had trouble fitting into the Guild's heirarchy. He showed amazing proficiency in the fields of spirit and fire shamanism, quickly picking up even the most complex spells within a relatively short period of time. Despite this, his instructors were biased against him since he was poor. Never being one to allow himself to be held down, even now, Ramus pushed his way up the ranks with whatever proof, force, or display he could muster. The Guildmaster even supposed that Ramus could've been the one to retrieve Seikheshizhan, a sword of legend, from the edges of the dark land of Umbris.

This was not the news that was kept secret, and it was because of this that Ramus formed many rivalries. It was because of this that a high elf took it upon himself to prove Ramus the lesser of the two (between them). Ramus did not take kindly or peacefully to open threats on his livelihood, or insults on his heritage. Fiercely loyal to friend and family, Ramus had many a clash with the elven acolyte. Together, they caused the more damage to the Guildhouse than had been dealt by Jaheira's invasions over fifty years prior. The administrators were only waiting for Ramus to step out of line to boot him, and booted he was.

A proud and, at the same time, humbled Ramus arrived back at the orphanage. His siblings were only too happy to see him, but Ramus always seemed to have taken things harshly on himself. He became somewhat withdrawn and moody. It was only when one of the shaman instructors at the guild summoned Ramus back to complete his studies that he came out of his regression. Leaving in a haste to continue his laborious practice, it would only be a matter of time before Ramus' demolition of the final exam's difficulty curve blasted open the doors of opportunity for the young sorcerer.

Upon his day of ceremony, Ramus met a young woman as he was leaving.

This young half-elven maiden would have a profound impact on Ramus Branch's life, even three hundred years later.

Ars Annihilum

Aha Selion - Sangatsu's personal sidearm. When forced into melee, Sang draws this mighty blade, a slender fencing sabre of Elven craft, in a flash. Due to its material, it lacks the implications caused by a normal blade. The blade is forged from the legendary metal called mithril, which is known far and wide for its strength and lightness. It is mostly because of this that inertia has almost no effect on the weapon's performance. As such, Sang can recover from a missed swing with less risk and a larger window of opportunity. Having runes delved into the blade also gives Aha Selion the ability to channel an enchantment. Ususally, the enchantment used is Aha Makil (Sword of Rage) which envelops the blade in a swirl of flame. The secondary enchantment is Súle Makil (Sword of Spirit), which eliminates the physical damage the blade does. However, the damage is instead done directly to the target's soul. The sword's name is in the ancient dialect of the High Elves and literally means Rage of He Who Remains Firm in His Purpose in the Quenya dialect.

Ilúvala Navë - Only recently has Sangatsu had an opportunity to practice his archery. Finding that he was exceptionally good at it (and guns were too easy to use for his tastes), he had a longbow of his own custom made by elven craftsmen, using 1,000-year Heartwood, the heart no less, to make the surpassingly durable and lithe bowframe. The string is made out of a mysterious substance, but boasts high tension and even higher strength. Sang usually uses mithril straight-shaft arrows with the bow, but he may alternate and experiment with different types of tips and shafts. The name of the bow, like his sword, is also in the Quenya dialect and means Omnipotent Judge.

Sanke Maica - The last physical weapon that Sang carries with him is a simple knife. It doesn't have much to it, besides the fact that the blade is forged of mithril, a rare metal harder than dragon scales and light as, if not more than, titanium. The blade is very sharp, but single edged. It also curves, and the design it holds is distinctly elvish. Its light weight and short length makes it highly wieldy, and thus, very deadly, especially in Sangatsu's hand. This, as with all of Sangatsu's physical weaponry, bears a name in Quenya: Sanke Maica, the Hateful Blade.

Hightened Magic Power and Capacity/Sorcery - Being a member of the Jinzoku race, Sangatsu has a significantly high magic competence and is adept in sorcery, specifically the art of Shamanism. Shamanism is the area of magic which contains spells calling on the forces of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Spirit sources. These, the forces of nature, are considered a gray area as there are also the branches of White Magic and Black Magic. Sangatsu's magical prowess lies in Spirit Shamanism, but his true talent is Fire Shamanism. It is arguable which he is better in, but the result is often situational. - List of Spells

Karei Boost - With an incantation, a single garnet stone on Sangatsu's Aha Selion gives off a firey glow. When such is done, the power and effect of his magic is greatly enhanced, his fire magic, more notably. Doing so also boosts his magical capacity, and further boosts a couple spells from black magic which are fire based, including Gaav Flare (which is now uncastable) and Flame Breath. The boost effect lasts for a one-hour duration.

"Lord of the whole and everlasting Chaos; upon thy fragments I do beseech, grant me all the power that you posess!"

Enhanced Healing Factor - From the sound of this listing, one might get the idea that this means 'regeneration.' Well, it does not. Having this ability means that Sangatsu's wounds, depending on their severity and size, will heal over within the next few hours. However, if he was to lose a limb in a catastrophic situation, he could not, under any circuimstances, regrow the lost limb. He would require heavy repairs for such a wound.

Unlimited Energy Source - Being a cyborg, Sangatsu has a power core which provides him with an infintesimal source of power, allowing him to never tire. This, however, does not merit him to making world-shattering beams of energy, and at most can only launch ki attacks at the size, concentration, and power of a Dodonpa a.k.a. 'finger beam,' or, at the most, a Renzoku Energy Dan. Just because Sang's energy never expends doesn't mean he can chain-cast the Dragon Slave twenty times--magical capacity is like a water pipe: only a certain amount of magical energy may go through at a time.

Energy Absorption - Sangatsu can take in a limited quantity of energy from an outside source through a set of magnifying gems in his hands. Knowing that taking in more energy than his power core can handle could make him explode, he usually keeps his hands wrapped with bandages so he doesn't accidentally take in a ki wave when all he meant to do was block or deflect it.

Illusion - Sangatsu was gifted with this power. Using a technique of the Spirit Shamanist branch of Shamanism, he can create an illusion of his whim in one or more people (up to three)'s mind. This causes them to see things that are truly not present or even to feel things that aren't happening, lending to hand that illusion doesn't necessarily mean 'sight only.' The more weak-minded the target is, the more realistic the illusion is. If the target is more strong-minded, the illusion will appear obviously false.

Miscellaneous Technological Enhancements - It's only obvious. Being a cyborg, he is of course going to have such abilities. These enhancements heighten Sangatsu's speed, agility, power, and senses beyond normal scale. In addition, this grants Sang the ability to sense power levels, scan and store information, interface with electronic databases (such as computers), and the obligatory eye-laser technique! W00T!