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The Shieldbreaker

Computer:Channel Eurika
Length:210 meters
Propulsion: Plasma Neutron Engine
Psi Engines
Pilot / Captain:Project Sangatsu

Armaments and Attributes

Transport Shuttle This is the shuttle which Sang often uses to travel between the Shieldbreaker and planetary surfaces. It is docked on the underside of the Shieldbreaker.
Energy Chips Six small chips that are deployed when the power from the Psi System needs to be increased for something such as the Plasma Blast. Since a Psi Barrier is created in the process of starting the Plasma Blast, it is possible to do just that alone.
Phase Drive The most outstanding breakthrough discovered through the research on metapsychology. With the use of the pilot's willpower, Dsycho Energy, the ship's systems can activate the phase drive and enable the ship to phase or warp into hyperspace. By doing this, one is able to travel a great distance in just minutes.
Phase Gate Technically, this should be included with stats on the phase drive, but the phasing gate is in a sense, like what it says. It uses the phase drive, but instead of phasing the ship as a whole, it opens a gate to phase a smaller object over a shorter distance. Severe drawback, though: the larger the object, the more dangerous it is.
Plasma Neutron Engines The primary engines of the ship. These are powered by the psi-system, like most of the weaponry on the ship.
Psi Barrier With power drawn from the ship's Psi System, a barrier is placed around the ship. Its strength doesn't have a set level, though, being that it relies on the willpower of the pilot. Thus, the output potential is nigh infinite.
Leap Rail Gun The leap rail gun is a weapon that utilizes similar technology as the Phase Drive, being that it sends out spheres of energy that will 'warp' whatever is caught within it and send it to some random location somewhere in space. There are three cannons for the gun to fire from, but the two commonly known locations are within the longer front ends of the ship.
Psi Blast A simple blast of energy powered by the psi system. When fired, the attack appears like a broken chain of light. The weapon doesn't use much power, so it can be run off of the back up system, but it's more powerful than the side lasers.
Plasma Blast The most powerful of the commonly known attacks from the Shieldbreaker. With one shot, it can easily clear out an entire fleet of even other Lost Ships. This attack cannot be run off of the psi system back up. The six Boost Chips must be released which will form a hexagram into the space in front of the ship, charging the energy to the point that it can be released at. The Plasma Blast does create a multilevel Psi Barrier while the ship is preparing everything so that it's not completely defenseless. As with all the other attacks powered by the Psi System, the power is detirmined by the strength of the pilot.
Psi-Code Final The Shieldbreaker's ultimate attack. It's kept as a hidden weapon, though, because the pilot must accept an incredible sacrifice to complete it. This weapon operates with a technique similar to the other Lost Ships. It will turn matter, specifically the pilot, into pure Dsycho Energy, allowing them to become one with the Lost Ship itself for a short time.

This does, of course, kill the pilot in the end.

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