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If you see something on these pages that looks like the information on my site, that's because I borrowed from them. ^_^;; Well, since you're on this page it probably means you're leaving. So, click on the link, and hopefully, it'll take you there. Hope ya' enjoyed my site; ja ne!

The Keep - Free-form Role-Playing Chat!

Depending on your views and imagination, this is the place to be for free-form role-playing. However, please PLEASE, if you go, don't spam, munch out, be cheap, be an asshole, or be what we at WebRPG call a "twink," "munchkin," or "min/maxer." ¬.¬;;

Gaia Online

A free anime and roleplaying community. If you join, please put Keihou as your referral. ^_^

The Projects Forum 3.0

Yes! This is the headquarters to Project Sangatsu and the rest of his lamer-mashing family. Please look in if you're interested in joining... or if you just want a cheap laugh at the exorbiant display of human stupidity in the Wall of Shame section. Either way, you're welcome to come.

Crysta's Home

Crysta and I go back a long time, and she's always finding stuff to keep me entertained, such as quizzes, stories, and information. In fact, she writes her own fanfics which are on her site. She now has a new site, which is smaller but more organized. That one I advise you check out as well. Unfortunately, this website is kaput. Her new one will be up shortly.

For midi music files of video games, this is the place to see (or hear)! Literally over 12,000 different midis, and a place that you can sit in and listen to excellent midis of almost every game ever made! Hell, you can even submit your own!

This site is now kaput. :( The site is gone and I'm just leaving this link for memories, since it was the largest and most detailed information center on Dragon Ball on the Internet.

The Unrivaled Dragon Ball Source

With gone, they certainly are "the Unrivaled Source." Defenitely worth a look into for you Dragon Ball Z fans.

Slayers Universe

The Ultimate Slayers reference on the Internet. Here you'll find a complete index of all the spells in the Slayers universe (that's where I got Rina's spellbook entries from!), summaries on all the Slayers and Slayers Next series, character bios (even the secondary characters, although those are significantly smaller), and even two of the original Slayers novels translated!! That's right! Translated into English for your own reading pleasure! Don't forget to take the quiz by clicking on the pic of Lina on my main page. ^_^

Hate Zelgadis! HATE HATE HATE!
Fangirls: Ye be warned.

Probably the ONLY Zelgadis hate shrine on the Internet. The owner makes some valid points about why Zelly should be hated... :D

Gundam PLUS

Another [insertoverlyclichéterm"Ultimate"here] source, but this time for Mobile Suit Gundam! Everything from mech descriptions and statistics to a huge gallery of images from several Gundam series including, but not limited to, Gundam Wing, G Gundam, 8th MS Team, and even the new Gundam series Gundam SEED!

- An Internet repository to the greatest throwa' of them all--Mr. T. Watch him take on the world (and then some) at this website. XP

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