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Rage/Werewolf Fanfiction or stories

Nothing here yet, but there will be if anyone submits anything via my e-mail address. I will read what is submitted, like I had to do for Vince's Starwind Network. So if I see grammar errors, Mary Sues, and whatnot, I may spot them out and tell you to correct certain problems.

Rage CCG stories
These fanfictions focus on created characters, Rage Across Las Vegas, or stories made up by how you played your deck cards. Tribal War/Rage Across Las Vegas stories are included in this section, but not White Wolf's Rage. Any White Wolf Rage stories that are not on played decks or created characters will go in the Werewolf: the Apocalypse section.

Werewolf: the Apocalypse Fanfiction/Stories
This one should be a no-brainer.

Dragon Storm
Another RPG on Shapeshifters.

Misc./Etc. Werewolf RPGs
Stories on other RPGs, sorry but no "Werehunter" crap is included here. Please, inform me if it's Dungeons and Dragons or another RPG I can look up to confirm your fanfic.

Werewolf Stories
Stories on Werewolves, or stories by Werewolves for Werewolves. Whatever is you dish, RPGs are not included in here.

Werewolf? There wolf!
Video game, anime, cartoon, comic, book, TV fanfictions which feature someone becoming a werewolf or wereanimal. Or someone who is already a werewolf/shapeshifter within the series.

Werewolf Poems
Every type of Poems is included here, but you must tell me what it is from (sections above), so I can put it in the description.