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Laughing Hyena's Rage Homepage

Artwork by Aaron Boyd.

Welcome to my humble home ~ Amanda-Laughs-Menaceingly

Updates and Information:

Feb 2006: Updating card lists...

3/12/05: Updated Promos, Umbra, Wyrm, Rage Limited, Set and Card Identification, and FRPG Reprint list.
8/2/04: Updated my Equinox list and added question 18 to the FAQ. Question 18 is aimed at certain people who have e-mailed me quite recently, I not sure if any other Rage fans who collect other stuff have had this problem or not... I also won a Phase 3 booster and Phase Equinox boosters, so I have yet to get them in the mail so far.

If you have too many common cards from a certain set and want to get rid of them because you can't sell or trade them: send them to me. E-mail me at the address below and we can work on shipping prices depending on how much commons your giving away. I will not take any commons to Wyrm, however.
What's this? Rage is coming back? Get more info and help out at: Rage Info
I also have an often updated list here and you can meet other traders as well: Amanda Johnson.
Fernis Lorsrai: Put up my link on her webpage, really old Rage fan to boot.

Trader Info
What's an Ajaba?
Card Art by Laughing Hyena
Rage Artist Guide
Magazine Articles/Woofaganda
Set and card Identification
Misprints, Promos, and Odd ends
FRPG's Reprint list
Changing Breeds card list
Rage/Werewolf Fanfiction or stories

Rage Limited
Rage Unlimited
The Wyrm
The War of the Amazon
Legacy of the Tribes
Rage Across Las Vegas Phase 1 thru 6
Rage Promos
Anime Madness and Ani-Mayhem
Other Cards for Sale and Trade
Ragenites' Wanted Lists

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