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Umbra Set

One thing, don't try going near the Dark Umbra in Egypt this time of year. And you better hope not to get stuck in a part of the 12 hours of the Night. Ever heard of the Field of Grain or as it's also called 'The City of Hungry Knives'? Good, because thats one place you should really avoid in the umbra. ~Monowarai Haiena, Philidox, Ajaba

Set Completed
(Now working on Playset: 1 Character, 2 Combat, and 3 Sept cards)

Wanted for Playset:

  • Fast Shift x1
  • Opening the Silver Window x2
  • Rite of Realm Binding x1
  • Rite of Return x2
  • Sap Spirit x1
  • Stormcrow x2
  • Stuck Sideways x1
  • The Wheel of Ptah x1
  • Moon Bridge Attack x2
  • Quest of Valor x2
  • Reject x1

    Up for trade

    Foil total: 4
    Rare total: 6
    Uncommon total: 17
    Common total: 8
    Boosters: 0
    Booster Boxes: 0
    Help cards: 0

    Hey, good looking. Artwork by Brian LeBlanc.

  • Legendary -Foil
  • Pangaea -Foil
  • Summer Country -Foil
  • Banishment by the Council -Rare
  • Laughs-at-Death -Rare
  • Petrov Tzarovitch -Rare
  • Amanda Withers-in-Sun -Uncommon
  • Bjorn-Blood-from-Stone -Uncommon
  • Cassandra Shadow-Watcher -Uncommon
  • Dr. Stephen "Mindbender" Garrisson -Uncommon
  • Fireclaw -Uncommon
  • Jennifer Moon-Wizened -Uncommon
  • Nadia Wyrmfoe -Uncommon
  • Naomi -Uncommon
  • Runs-without-Pack -Uncommon
  • Seeks-the-Truth -Uncommon
  • Sees-through-Stars -Uncommon
  • Close Gauntlet -Common
  • Gauntlet Flux -2 -Common
  • Guardian Spider -Common
  • Jannok -Common
  • Serpentine -Common
  • Umbral Flurry -Common
  • WyldStone -Common