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Legacy of the Tribes

Legacy of the Tribes, blah. Do you hear anything about the Legacy of the Ajaba? No. And here's some advice kid, don't listen to the crap the Simba say about us.~Monowarai Haiena, Philidox, Ajaba


Total: 2

  • Gloom-at-Midnight-Ultra Rare
  • Modi Votishat-Ultra Rare

    Up for Trade

    Pay up. Artwork by Andrew Bates. Rare Total: 0 cards
    Uncommon Total: 10 cards
    Common Total: 16 cards
    Help cards: 0

  • Bear-Uncommon
  • Dreamweaver Kitsune -Uncommon
  • Evan Heals-the-Past -Uncommon
  • Griffin Avatar -Uncommon
  • Jason O'Kelly -Uncommon
  • Phoebe's Veil-Uncommon
  • Scourge-of-Men -Uncommon
  • Secrity System-Uncommon
  • Son of Tyr -Uncommon
  • The Docks-Uncommon
  • Fatal Flaw-Common
  • Invocation of Hakaken-Common
  • Kinfolk Den-Common
  • Nemesis-Common
  • Police Percinct-Common
  • Phreak-Common
  • Rampage-Common
  • Rezoning Committee-Common
  • Shattering the Binding Fetters-Common
  • Get Medieval-Common
  • Fox Frenzy-Common
  • Poignant Parable-Common
  • Rampage-Common
  • The Under-Barrows-Common