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5/20/04: Been editing things. My wanted lists should be updated, but not my stock. Remember if your not sure if I hold a certain card at this time: e-mail me and I'll check.

1/19/04: I told ya I would update. Added a bunch o' links today, go check them out. Also I'm close to finishing the Artist list: I have Tribes, Amazon, Wyrm, and Unlimited/Limited to go. Then I start alphabetizing ALL the artists ever n' then Htmlin' them. By Feb., I might have to add some more artists due to the new set coming out at River Von.

12/5/03: There are a few images in the Changing Breed section, however I don't own Minke or Rronuhn yet, so it might take some time to get those scans. I got the links up, but there is nothing yet in the Mag, Shou Shan (in Etc.), or Artist sections as of now. I'm now hosting fanfiction and stories. Been working on the OLS RPG section, and will get the booklist up soon (if I didn't stop buying Werewolf books, that is).
12/31/03: Happy New Year's Eve and all that stuff. I've moved the Deck, Changing Breed list, and Reprint list out from the Etc. section. There's something in the Changing Breed section now and I've added the FAQ. If you have questions, e-mail me and also submit your Decks so I can put them in the page section. I'm planning to put images in the Changing Breed card section, add more artwork images, add in the Werewolf book list and the Artist list a bit later on. After that, I'll work on the Reprint section, the Outlaw Star RPG in the Etc. section, and maybe even the Advertising Rage CCG had section. And of course find more links, also I have a werewolf book I'm offering! I'll give it away for the first deck submitted or maybe even a werewolf (RPG or not) story/fanfiction that I could host.

11/24/03: Put up the Metatags, I hope Angelfire supports that. Also added a few new links, some artwork, cleaned up the Phase section and Unlimited (still need to update all the commons, though).
11/22/03: Updated and cleaned out links. If there are any links that you know of that I don't have listed: E-mail me about them. Also I updated card pages expect for Unlimited and the basic (1 thru 6) phases. At 5:00, I'm going bowling with my older sister and then go to see a play, so I'll come back later and update alittle more. Maybe even try to get those Metatags....probably after a round of Jak II.
11/15/03: There will be a huge update nearing Christmas vacation. I've been working on my artwork, the FAQ, and my werewolf/shapeshifter book list, which will be added. I'll also need to go through my e-mail and update the trader info page. The only things I'll be doing for now is slowly edit out cards that I get from other people. Also just because I don't update, doesn't mean this site is dead. The very fact I that I can e-mail back shows this. Anyways, as soon as College season is over, I'll be working on the site, FRHS, and my other work. See ya till then.

8/31/03: I'm back for alittle while. I'm going to really go through my e-mails and update the trader section. I did update the Phase section, and I'll be working on updating the rest of my card lists. So your going to have to e-mail me to make sure if I have a certain card or you can go to my mahasamatman list (which is easy for me to update and keep track of). Mostly I have been busy with College work, CCG artwork for the Rage grassroots project, and translating some things from FRHS. If you want to see my translating job so far, go to OLS.Net's board. Also I'll try to get the FAQ link in sometime.

6/28/03: Updated a few lists and I'll be working on a FAQ soon for Outlaw Star, Future-Retro Hero Story, and for my trading site. So if you have any questions, ask me via e-mail and I'll be adding it in the FAQ. Also I'm getting ready for Anime Expo, like buying film, so I'll be gone for awhile. I'll update the site when I get back. I'm also going to take a Summer Arts class at VC as well. So see ya later!

5/12/03: Added Sukioden and will work on Doomtown. Rage sections should be updated after the recent trading I have done. Must add in more traders and it will take me awhile to add in more images. 04/18/03: Got cards from Rossman, Jacob, and Scottie today. Still waiting for some other cards and still making deals. Need to out up my artwork still and have to rescan some of my foils.

04/13/03: Set and card Identification is done with! If you feel like adding anything in, e-mail me. Also I might feel like scanning my Equinox and Phase 1 thru 6 booster boxes to add in there. Artwork is next in line and Misprints, Promos, and Odd ends.
04/12/03: Set and card Identification is now up and will be finished with soon. Also I will be adding some new card artwork of mine. I have been making trading deals left and right now, I just mailed off cards to Paul Rossman.
04/08/03: My Equinox booster box came in the mail! Now I have some Equinox extras if anybody has been looking for some and my wanted list is now cut back to about 93 cards. Also waiting for some Umbra cards and Old Red Eagle to come in.
04/06/03: Got cards from Scott, will be making a money order out to him. Also updated lists, added a few links, and I'm in another trade deal. Still waiting for that Equinox booster box I ordered.

03/24/03: Got cards from Ori today and added him to the Trader list. I'm in the Process of another trading deal as well. My birthday is coming up to, it's on the 31st!
03/9/03: Added Arcadia.
03/7/03: Waiting for some cards I bought to come in and I working on another trading deal. Check out Card artwork, for some new stuff I just scanned in!
03/1/03: Got the Amazon cards from Ramon today! Thanks Ramon. Hmm...I still need to bug my dad when he gets home over that Equinox booster box and about the Anime Expo. Now that I have the old comp in my room I'll be working on the Etc. section for now. If it ever gets done: the Ajaba section will be next, followed by my art page, and then Project B4. Also I'm going to scan a watercolors image later to put into the card artwork section. Edit: It's now up, go take a look. See ya later then!

02/27/03: Got the cards from Kyle today and slightly changed the name of the site (Monowarai Haiena is Japanese for Laughing Hyena). Still waiting for the two Amazon cards to come in the mail. Also I found a Equinox Booster box for sale (ahh....), I've have to bug my dad to get it for me.
02/22/03: Waiting for cards to come in the mail. Added Lion King Card section in the Cards for Sale and Trade section. Two new books listed in the W:tA booklist under Etc.
02/13/03: I'm back! Waiting for cards to come in the mail and making another trading deal. Updated the Tribes section. Also will be adding links to local comic books shops in my area. And I will import the Lion King card lists from the old computer to the new one which I'm working on. Happy Valentine’s day and I'll see ya later.

01/19/03: Got one Phase 2 card from Ole recently from the trading deal we did. I'm planning to add my list of Lion King cards in 'Other cards for sale/trade' section sometime. My dad is messing things around so it might take awhile for me to scan the rest of my card artwork. I have also been typing on the old computer for the Ajaba section, so you might see some links there in the future.
01/9/03: Edited Amazon list. Just sent off a card to Ole, I'll be waiting for the card he sent me to come in. I'm also thinking of mailing Dances-with-Shadows about those promo cards from the Stone Sept Challenge.

12/31/02: Alright, I'm back from Christmas. I got cards from Little Bear and Daniel. So I went and edited my lists. I only need about 3 normal cards to Old Rage now, then I just need the foils and Promos. I'm hoping to get responses from other people making trading deals with me. Plus I have been playing Jak and Daxter on the PS2 I got. See ya later.
12/23/02: Okay, I sent off a money order to Little Bear and I'm already sent off some cards in a trading deal. Making another trading deal as we speak. I'm going to be gone because of Christmas, though (Have to go to my Grandma's house). Once I come back, I'll finish up scanning the FRHS mangas and update my Project B4 page. I thinking of adding a section here on all the changes/edits to Limited to Unlimited sometime. And I'm going to sign up to go to AX (Anime Expo) again.
12/18/02: Got the cards from Scott today. Edited my Limited, Umlimited, and Promo sections as well.
12/15/02: Hell yeah! I'm finally done with my Rage/W:tA booklist in my Etc. section. I'll be scanning my artwork soon and my Future-Retro Hero Story Mangas next. So I'm going to be working on my Project B4 website section. I'll update later with the images and if the cards come in from my recent trading deal.
12/14/02: Smells like a pine tree in my house now, probably cause my mom just got a Christmas tree recently. Boy, are the cats happy now. Alright, I'm already done working on a trade now with Scott. So I went and edited my Amazon and Tribe lists. However, I don't know where I put my extra Tribe uncommon singles. They have to be around somewhere. Oh, and I'm almost finished with my White Wolf book list. That means I'm close to scanning my artwork soon.
12/9/02: Bought two packs of what was left of Phase 2 at Ralph’s comic book store yesterday. Most of them cards I already had, but could use for trading stock. However, I did get Mayor of Las Vegas, whee shiny! Ralph’s doesn't have anymore starters, but does have boosters to Phase 1. Hopefully, one of them has the two Phase 1 foils I'm looking for next time I go there.

11/30/02: Well, it's past Thanksgiving now. I have merged the Phase 1 thru 6 set sections together now. Also added Scott to the new Trader Info section. And fixed Fenris' website link since it moved. I'll try to see if my older sister still hasn't sold my Tribal Decks on Ebay and try to get them back so they can be for my trading stock. During Winter Break while I scan my Future-Retro Hero Story Mangas I'll try to scan/work on more images for the card art section and finish up the W:tA booklist that I have.
11/18/02:Got my cards from Scott and Swiftrat. I'll be adding Scott to the list soon and updating my lists. The Phase 1 thru 6 trade lists will be merging soon into one section.

10/31/02: Happy Halloween! I got Jacob's cards today and edited my lists. It looks like I'm close to finishing off the RALV sets (besides Equinox) soon. He also helped with alot of the Rage Limited cards I was looking for. I've have to check up on my stock soon to see what I don't have anymore.
10/23/02: I got in the cards from Ole yesterday and I now edited my list. I will have to go through my stock sometime to see which cards I no longer have.
10/20/02: Cards came in the mail today, so I edited the LotT section.
10/15/02: Got the foils I bought from Paul today and I would like to thank him for the extra cards he sent too. Ole from Denmark got my cards and will be shipping his cards to me soon. Also many of the Phase 6 cards are on hold until Oct. 28 due to Swiftrat. If you want to know which ones are not on hold, e-mail me about it. Just one more Umbra foil to go and my Umbra Set is finished!
10/1/02: I got the booster box, so I have gone and edited the list to Phase 6. Also dealing with another trading deal.

9/24/02: I just ordered a booster box of Phase 6, I'll be waiting for it in the mail. Once I get it, I'll be clearing up the Phase 6 section and adding 6 on my list at Amanda Johnson.
9/19/02:The cards from Paul came in today. Whee! Wyrm set is finally finished! Phase 1, Umbra, Unlimited, Amazon, and Tribes are also close to being finished as well.
9/18/02: Ah, my foil came today, thanks Jeff. Now I need to wait for Paul's cards to come in. Also I finally put up my list in Mahasamatman's Rage traders list. Mine is now there, this is where it's at: Amanda Johnson
9/8/02: Added section for Equinox and added more links. I'm still looking for any trading deals. If you want to trade, e-mail me. Also I would like to thank Fernis Lorsrai for putting my webpage in his link page. Almost finished with my booklist. Next will be my card artwork and card idea sections. ~ Laughing Hyena

8/14/02: Ah, My 5th trade deal just came in the mail today. Almost need 1 more card to the Wyrm and 2 more for the Umbra now. I hope Little Bear replies back with the trading deal I just offered him. ~ Laughing Hyena
8/13/02: Added a section for Phase 6, I have no cards to the set as of yet. Also added a section to the Ajaba that will get it's own sections later on. Also look forward to see my card art in the upcoming future.
8/5/02: I can now add 4 good trading deals to my list. I just got some cards I wanted in the mail today and my stock is up to date. I have a 5th trade deal in the making as well. And I'm sure I can add in a 6th trade deal too.

7/23/02: Another good trading. Cards are up to date. I have successfully traded with three people so far. Waiting for the cards from the fourth.
7/21/02: While putting up the Umbra image for the Umbra page, I found some extra cards. They are from the 4 and 5 phase of Las Vegas. I'll add them in later, they are: Fineous Dougan, Blazing Eyes, Voice of Passion, Staredown, and Distractions.
7/20/02: Added more links and images. Making two trading deals as of now.
7/9/02: Made another good trading deal. Stock is now up to date.

6/10/02: Updated RALV sections, I'm ready to trade. I will later put up some more images and add in any C2 cards I have for the RALV sections.
6/8/02: Added Back links, two images, and a update section.
6/7/02: I have gotten the cards in the mail. The Trade shop is now reopened. I have taken out cards from my want lists, however I have not worked on the RALV sections yet. Just e-mail me what RALV cards you want and I'll go through my stock.

5/20/02: Alright! I'm making my first bulk trade with somebody. That means I'm closing shop to go through my stock. I just got a bunch of RALV cards to trade off to get Amazon, Unlimited, and Tribe cards in the sweet deal. I'll have to take out cards from wanted and have lists. In my next update (with every list updated). I'll open up the store again. See ya later. ~ Laughing Hyena
12/23/01: Please do not e-mail me though Anime Nation is getting rid of accounts that will not pay for their new accounts. Instead, e-mail me though from now on. I'll be changing the e-mail address on my webpage.
(unknown dates) E-mail me if you are looking for some uncommon and C2 cards that are not on my lists. I probably have all common and uncommon cards if that's what you are looking for along with Rare Cards. Coming in: Links, and pictures. Wait, I don't need no stinking pictures. Maybe when I'll revamp my webpage (much later) I'll add in some pictures into here. Also all those quotes in the various parts of my Rage page were made by me.

What used to be on the front page for almost a year now:
You can't believe that you let those other Garou talk you into coming here to this wasteland hoping for some great battle with the Wyrm or finding some hidden knowledge that might help the Silent Striders in taking back their homeland from those Wyrm-ridden leaches who control almost everything in Egypt. You walk slowly down the African desert landscape, looking for shelter and water. As you walk downward you spot a cave thinking about getting out of this blasted heat. Little do you know something already occupies it. An Ajaba lives in this little den. Hearing about the death of Black Tooth this Californian Ajaba has come to Africa to claim back old territory and lost Knowledge that once belonged to the Ajaba before the Endless Storm destroyed everything and killed off most of the Ajaba. She hates the Simba very much, and wouldn't mind trading some information and gifts with you as long as you give her something in return to help her get back at the Simba. Maybe making allies with a Philidox Ajaba wouldn't be bad at all.