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What? Leaving so soon. And I thought we were going to have a grand old time together! Alright I know of some moonbridges, happy? Just remember to come back, alright? It can get lonely out here you know. Ungrateful little Garou pup. What? You didn't hear anything okay. ~ Monowarai Haiena, Philidox, Ajaba

Go there, godamnit!. Opps, I hope Zarove3 won't haunt me for that.

Rage across Ventura County:
Ralph's Comic Corner
Tons of RPG books, comics, and CCG cards. Has alot of the W:tA books in stock and carries out of print RPG books.
Seth’s Games and Anime
Nothing much up, but looks like in the future they will be selling stuff.
Michaels Comic Book Shop
No website yet.
1039 S. Ventura Rd., Oxnard, CA, 93030
Phone and Fax: (805) 985-2766

Rage across Santa Barbara:
Metro Entertainment
Finally, they get a website. Carries the usual, but the store is nowhere as big as Ralph's.

The Ajaba and Kinfolk:
The Ajaba Communications Network:
A great website made by a fellow Ajaba, however he happens to be lazy on working on his site.
Google Hyena Directory
Alot of Hyena webpages for my fellow Ajaba tribemates or those who want to learn about the kinfolk of the Ajaba.
Google Hyena Directory for Kids!
Place for Cubs to learn more about their Tribe or for Garou Cubs wanting to know info on the Ajaba.
The Hyena Ring
Has some good sites and ones that probably should not be in there.
Anthro Hyena
You must be older to view this group. Be careful of what some artists post there.
Ed the Hyena Rox
Nothing here so far, inactive
Michael Knowlton
Hyenas happen to be a common theme in his artwork
Petition to Reintroduce and Protect the South African Spotted Hyena
Help a good cause and educate people at home/school what Hyenas are really like.

The Garou Nation:
Children of Gaia:
Longwatcher’s Children of Gaia homepage
The Sept of the Rock River
Get of Fernis:
Darkwolf’s Longhouse
Glass Walkers:
Caern of Screaming Electrons
The Caern of Forgotten Dreams
Red Talons:
Red Talons Tribal Territory
Shadow Lords:
Caern of No-Name
(What I'm calling it since I can't find the site's name)
Stargazer Homepage

The other Changing Breeds:
Little Bear's Lore
Listings on both old and new Rage. There's also a section on Gurahals too.
The Unofficial Official Nuwisha Home Page
Listings to Tribal War cards. I also love the Rant on Rage websites, good for anybody planning to make a website.

The Wyrm:
Heartland Blight Hive:
A Black Spiral Dancer Tribe Page

Other Rage sites:
Google’s Web Directory of Rage CCG sites
List of Rage sites, create a website and get it listed.
Le Squale's Totally Unofficial RAGE Page
Old dead site, but still a good one. Lots of card ideas, come on in and take a look.
Rage Online
Ever wanted to play Rage on your computer? Well, thanks to this site you can. Supports both systems and carries the new cards as well.
Roz Gibson
Has Rage card artwork on his YERF account and has a page dedicated to Rage across Las Vegas which has images to Characters, Victims, Chase cards, Allies, and Enemies. Also selling extra RALV and original cards for cheap.
BLGUPC’s Werewolf: the Wild West deck
View what the out-of-print W:tWW deck looked like. Hey, it deals with cards, right?
LintMans Game Page of the Future
This site just came out of the blue, maybe Google just missed it last time and later added it? All it has is at least one image and a deck.
RAGE: The Mythic Promo Set
All you need to know on the old Rage promos.
Penguin’s Rest
Coven of the Ahroun
Rage FAQ

Shop and Trading posts:
Chimera Hobby Shop
HIGHLY Recommend. Why? Rage Across Las Vegas Booster boxes for CHEAP Prices! Also they carry lots of other things as well, you won't be disappointed.
Buy Rage
Fenris's little shop of Rage cards. Carries both old Rage and RALV. Sorry no singles for sale.
Hastur Games and Hobbies
Sell singles and boxes towards Tribal War.
Joe’s CCG Singles
Sells singles towards alot of CCGs. Has singles to Old Rage and Tribal War.
Black Dog Enterprises
A small shop, but still a good one if your looking for Rare Cards to old Rage fer cheap prices.
Jeff Allender’s Page
I happen to be listed under great traders page. Jeff has checklists to all kinds of card sets and also has a few wants to the Rage CCG: Umbra, Wrym, and Unlimited sets.
Kimmo's trade page
Cyber dungeon
Phase 3 Decks, Umbra, and Wyrm boosters for cheap
House Atreides
Bigger, but only sells singles to old Rage. Also this shop is in the UK.
Mahasamatman’s list of Rage traders
A great resource for those collecting new and old rage. It's easy to sign up and to update your lists on this site. So no more typing up your lists on Usenet or Yahoo groups, just copy and paste or give out the link to your list. I'm there as Amanda Johnson. Rage
Udpated his site awhile ago. Don't know if he's going to keep the Rage CCG page or add it later on.
International Werewolf: The Apocalypse Meetup
Find out Rage CCG players, W:tA Larpers, or W:tA RPGers near where you live!
The G.A.B
Find out about who you are trading with and report bad traders.

Weaver Compaines:
White Wolf game co.
The Grandaddy of Rage and W:tA. Great website and they also are good in when they release their products on time.
Azrael Productions
Used to work on the new Rage, but had a hard time with the rights. So Rage info has taken up the slack.
The Wolf Lair
We need to get them to list Rage for their system. But the computer program sounds really cool.
Moonstone Books
Publishers of the Werewolf Comic series.

Ragabash Humor:
Nothing to do with W:tA or Rage, but a great old short lived comic strip on a Werewolf named Pete.
House of Were
Comic on a bunch of artistic weres.

Rage/W:tA artists:
Brian LeBlanc’s homepage
Brian has a nice little site in cyberspace showing his artwork. He will also respond to any e-mails as well and tends to be a nice person to talk to.
Joe Corroney’s webpage
Recent artist to W:tA and Rage, most of his CGG art shows up in RALV.
Omaha Perez
Ken Meyer Jr.
Known for No'iri'n Ni Dhonaill which is in the Gothic section.
Anthony Waters
Jason Felix
Shea Anton Pensa
Jeff Miracola
Matt Haley
Theodor Black
Has Weak Arm and Spirit Ward up for Sale.
Tony Diterlizzi
Michael Danza
Page under work. Hopefully somthing will be up in the future.
Michael Gaydos
Artwork In White Wolf books, did Spinning Block in RALV.
Tom Baxa
Fred Harper
Dærick Gröss Sr and D W Gröss
Sr. did Mockmaw in old Rage, also did artwork in RALV, look under Fantasy to see them. Studio in Simi Valley? Dang... that's close to where I live.
Jon Foster
Did most of the Children of Gaia in Phase 5 of RALV.
Conan H. Venus
Did Hail of the Sun for RALV, look under Sketch book.
Richard Clark
Look under Fantasy and Comics for images to the RALV CCG he did.
Steve Prescott's page
Hee hee, I managed to find this with Google. Very good webpage and you can buy some of Steve's prints.
Go see Swifty's art, I dare you too. She's also a trading buddy of mines as well.
William O' Connor
O' Connor doesn't sell any prints to his cardartwork, you must buy the originals. If you can't afford it, you can always send in your O' Connor Rage cards to him to be signed.
Drew Tucker
So far nothing really for sale. You can view his artwork for Rage and W:tA, though.
Quinton Hoover
Can only view the artwork she/he did for old Rage. A few of the cards have been reprinted in RALV.
Jeremy Jarvis
Lawrence Snelly
Did artwork for Rage and Tribal War.
R. Dean McCreary
Has one Rage artwork up, check the portfolio section.
Anthony Hightower
No Rage artwork up, but has a few artwork images from W:tA books.
Crypt Monkey
The webpage of James Stowe. Has a few unpublished Rage cards in the Gallery for the Tribal War set. Also did a few cards in Amazon, Wyrm, and Tribes Sets.
I.C. Kessler
Webpage of I.C. Kessler.
Clyde Caldwell
Can buy prints towards the cover of the old Storyteller's Guide.
Ron Brown
Eric Hotz
Mark Jackson
Steve Stone
Melissa Uran

Moots, Clubs, and Forums:
Stones River Bawn
Sept of Stones River
Rage Info
Main place on Yahoo groups to talk about rules, decks, characters, and all sort of things of the Rage CCG.
Rage trades
Another Yahoo group on trading Rage cards.
Rage cards
Yet another yahoo group on trading Rage cards, inactive.
Rage game of the Gods
Swiftrat's Rat Nest
A Place to talk about W:tA, Werewolves, Rage CCG, Samurai Pizza Cats, Sonic, show artwork, and more.
Rage Newsgroup
Place to talk to fellow Shapeshifters on many topics.

Misc Stuff:
Rabbit Valley
Great site to buy Shifter artwork prints and more.
I'm a fanfic reading junkie. There's fanfic section for White Wolf and search up "Werewolf" or "Shifter" fanfics in other sections as well. Remember to use the Ad Blocker on the site!
Calamity from the skies
Our favorite Shapeshifting alien virus parasite from Final Fantasy 7.
Blue Voices Productions
I have a thing for Radioplays. Some great stuff on this site.
Wing Heart Productions
Another Radioplay site. The Final Fantasy X jokes are great.

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