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Etc. and Misc.

Howling at the Moon: Humor that I find on the net on W:tA. Or submitted jokes and puns.
The Library: My booklist of Roleplaying books. Not for trading or sale!
Tales by Moonlight: My collection of some of the neatest, bizarre, well written, or horrible Shapeshifter books and Story Collections ever.
The Hyena Rants: My opinions on alot of things in the Werewolf fandom scene and other stuff.
Toward Stars Era: (On hold) Card ideas for Outlaw Star (Toward Stars Era) using the Rage layout and Design. I know, I should have put this in Project B4. But since this place deals more with CCGs, I felt like puttting it here.
Getting a Outlaw Star RPG Started: (On hold) Ideas for those who play Outlaw Star Roleplaying games
Ouu! Shou Shan Inc.: (On hold) My own Characters, Places, and Plothooks for a Outlaw Star RPG Adventure.
About Me: Bio.