In Loving Memory of


Hidden Valley's Ragtime Annie

May 30th 1994 to January 17th 2008

Owned by Catherine Allen

"This is truly bittersweet, I got to meet Annie in Spokane back in 2001. She was just recovering from polyarthritis, and had one of the most indomitably happy spirits of any Berner I have known. It would continue to serve her well. She lost an ear flap to mast cell cancer later that year, and I suspect Annie considered it a mark of distinction, something that separated her from just any old Berner. Mild hip dysplasia never really slowed her down much, but at the grand old age of 13 and a half years, her body finally gave out. Catherine Allen is understandably heartbroken, Annie's no longer with her physically, but she'll always be looking over Catherine's shoulder.

And I know she's having a blast with her newfound mobility at the Rainbow Bridge. Pat Long"

Happy Birthday, Annie, 13 yrs!

Annie aged 11 years!

A younger Annie
A younger Annie, aged 7 yrs

"A LongShot, taken in Spokane. I was on the Specialty Committee that year."

PS Here is a recent shot of her at a little fun match here in Seattle a couple of months ago right after her 12th birthday.
The only entry in the senior class; they created it just for her just for showing up. Isn't she cute? :)


Annie has survived just about every ailment you can think of and still just keeps going like the Energizer Bunny. She is still a world-class counter surfer and has even expanded her repertoire in her golden years: she recently learned how to open (and empty!) my refrigerator! She still just makes me laugh after all these years. How can you not just admire spunk like that!

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