Celebrating our Veteran Berners

In Loving Memory of

Quarrie's Emmenthaler Tease

April 28th 1995 to June 10th 2008

Owned by Peter Hagedoorn, bred by Toni Davis
and now so very sadly missed.


Emma aged 13yrs

From Peter, April 28th 2008

"She is a little grey around the snout but she walks her kilometer every day. As she has difficulty negotiating the three steps to the garden we made her a ramp and she sails down the ramp like Cleopatra sailed the nile in her barge. . She hates grooming and withdraws resolutely under a table when the brush is produced. But when she is told what a lovely girl she is , she wags her tail and licks my hand in appreciation. Happy birthday Emma!"

{short description of image}

Emma and her pal Hendrik last winter

This picture was taken of the Quarrie's 95 litter at the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ontario's Specialty

June 2006 after receiving their Veteran's rosettes.

Quarries veterans
From left to right is Emma, Greta and Jasper

Sadly, Jasper died on January 4th 2007 aged 11 yrs 8 mths
Veteran Angel Jasper

And Greta on September 15th '08 aged 13 yrs 5 mths
Veteran Angel Greta

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