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Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


January 1st 1996 to November 15th 2007

Our memories of the dear sweet girl and all the beautiful pictures and Berner walks she loved will be with us in our hearts to remind us of her always.

The Kaye family - Tony, Carole and Guinness in CT

Pebbie Nov '07
Pebbie November 6th '07

Pebbles, Springtime 2007

Her favourite place to snooze under a big hemlock tree amongst the wood chips in our front garden.


11th September '06 "Today we took our dogs to the Annual "Puttin on the Dog" show run by Adopt-a-dog in Greenwich and entered Pebbles in the ring with the oldies. To our great delight and astonishment she won a rosette - fourth and walked around the ring just like a young'un. We were so proud of her. She is well on her way to her 11th birthday and was one of the oldest dogs in the "Aged to Perfection" class.

Of course I had never walked a dog around a showring before and when I tried to make her walk at my side like you're supposed to) she insisted on walking behind me and kept crossing over from left to right. Then the judge asked her questions and wanted to know if she knew any tricks!!!! I said she could do sit, lie-down and "paw". Of course when I said "Paw" very decisively to her, she looked me straight in the eyes and lay down.

Everybody laughed and she won fourth place!!! We had a lot of fun and she wants to come back next year for the blue rosette!

Carole and a very exhausted Pebbles"

Rosette Girl, Pebbles

Pebbles and her pal, Ginny

12th November '06 ".....the sweetest picture I took recently when our son Russell visited us from South Carolina with his latest acquisition, a little white pup called Dizzy, rescued from a shelter where he had been waiting too long to be adopted and was about to be euthanized. He took to our Pebbles as if she were his Grandma, all warm and cozy, and snuggled up with her on the couch and went to sleep. Pebbles didn't mind sharing her warm rump with this little guy and went to sleep too

Pebbles and Dizzy

Pebble's 11th Bithday with Tony and Ginny

For more pics of Pebbles' earlier years
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