Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Lolotea v Bev's

April 16th 1995 to August 11th 2009

Owned and so much loved by Sherry LaLima

"This morning at about 5 am Lola passed over the rainbow bridge. She died peacefully laying by my side her paw on my arm as if to comfort me. She was 14 years and 4 months young. Never have I had a more dedicated loving dog. A huge piece of me goes with her where I know she can run and play as she did years ago.

These new pictures were taken just 3 weeks ago...she was beautiful until the very end.

I am so thankful I was able to care for her these many years and that I was with her when she passed.
She will be missed terribly"

Sherry and Lola in the morning of her 14th birthday!!

She enjoyed a breakfast of kielbasa and beans (one of her favorites!) and lounged on her blanket all day and ended with a meal of tuna (her 2nd favorite meal!)

Lola and Sherry with her grandson Roscoe (floor) and her great granddaughter Lincar’s Dippin’ Dot (on the couch).

Although Lola has troubles getting up, staying up and walking she always has a happy attitude and her tail wags constantly! Every moment with our Berners is special but this has been an exceptional ride! I am so blessed to have been owned by such a faithful companion for so many years.

A "Longshot" taken in Rhode Island 2008

13 year old Lola, a true princess!

Lola on her 12th Birthday, 16th April 2007

Sherry and Lola enjoy a special hug!

The big guy also in these pictures is her grandson Sherrywoods Notaku- we call him Roscoe!
He was a year old on 1/11/07.

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