Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Hayfields Grand Eze Rider

October 10th 1996 to February 19th 2008

So sadly missed by Carol Burke and family

Happy 11th Birthday
Happy 11th Birthday, Ernie!
October 10th 2007


I thought I woke up to hear
your big paw steps walking near.
Padding across the kitchen tiles,
as you smiled one of your Berner smiles.
I thought that we might share a treat;
You loved Fig Newtons.. not too sweet.
Or we'd get a spoon and then would savor
Ice cream in your favorite flavor.
You'd lay your big head on my knee;
We'd share secrets, you and me.
'Cause when I was feeling sad,
If I rubbed your belly I felt glad.
There was no stress in my human day,
Patting you could not take away.
I listen for your paw steps on the floor,
I long to see your face once more.
But dogs pure souls are just on loan.
Soon, too soon, God takes them home.
I think He sends them so we'll see
a taste of how Heaven will surely be.
My funny, charming, faithful friend,
Our days together now must end.
But though it seems that we're apart,
the joy of you stays in my heart.
My tears will dry in a little while,
and then your memory will make me smile.
Until that day we meet again,
I'll see you in my dreams dear friend

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